The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway: Pipe bombs were “threatening-looking as opposed to actual threats”

From the October 26 edition of The Federalist’s Radio Hour:

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY (HOST): Given what we know about the situation, it appears this person sent just a whole host of threatening-looking devices, and that they were threatening-looking as opposed to actual threats. What are the repercussions of sending a threatening-looking device as opposed to sending an actual bomb? Like if you send a bomb, or something that could go off, even if it fails to go off, I have to imagine that the penalty for that is just much, much higher than sending something that is designed to terrorize someone into thinking it’s a bomb?         

BUCK SEXTON (CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO HOST): It’s decades in prison versus life in prison. I mean, the difference is going to be minimal in terms of the punishment.   


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