Tony Perkins says that Pete Buttigieg, gay Christian presidential candidate, goes against the Bible

Family Research Council's Perkins: Trump, however, “doesn't use the rhetoric of Scripture. He just actually does policy that is in line with Scripture.”

From the April 8 edition of Fox Nation’s Starnes Country:

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TONY PERKINS (FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL PRESIDENT): The issue is not that the Mayor Pete [Buttigieg] has issue with the words of Mike Pence. I think he has an issue with the words of Scripture. The Scripture speaks clearly. This is where evangelicals are at. Look, when you go back to -- and we’ve gone through this so many times, I’m not sure how many more times we have to repeat this when it comes to evangelical support of Donald Trump. The reason evangelicals were thrust into the arms of Donald Trump was because of the hostile policies of Barack Obama, promised to continue under Hillary Clinton. But what they found out was Donald Trump, while he may not have been their first pick, his policies have been unlike any other Republican president we have had when it comes to the issues of life, the issues of human sexuality, whatever, religious freedom, you name it. This president has actually not just been talking about. In fact, he doesn’t use the rhetoric of Scripture. He just actually does policy that is in line with Scripture.

TODD STARNES (HOST): Yeah Tony, there are a couple of things, though, that concern me about what the mayor is saying. It's -- he’s basically telling his crowd there and his followers, supporters that if you support traditional marriage, you’ve got a problem with God.

PERKINS: Well, yeah. I mean, look, you even have pro-LGBT researchers now saying, “Look, it’s time to drop the immutability claim.” There’s just no evidence to support that. I know if you repeat a lie often enough, people begin to believe it, which is what’s happened in this country. But the fact is, God does not create people that way. Now, there’s circumstances that lead one maybe down that path, and I’m not saying anyone would choose that lifestyle. But to say that they were made by God. First off, the science doesn’t back that up, and Scripture doesn’t back that up, because Jesus himself spoke to what marriage was. And Matthew also spoke to what gender was. I don’t hear Mayor Pete quoting that.

STARNES: Tony, what concerns you big picture here? I mean, when you look at the attacks on the second lady Karen Pence teaching at the Christian school. You see the continuous attacks on Christianity in the public marketplace, and now here you have this guy, Mayor Pete, blasting evangelical Christians, calling them hypocrites.

PERKINS: Well look, I think you have to be very careful. Scripture warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing coming and talking smooth, trying to be all things to all people. The reality is he’s advocating for policies that are not in line with the Scripture. You can talk about words. You can use the rhetoric of Scripture, but your policy has to match it. And when you’re talking about ending the lives of unborn children. When you’re redefining god’s institution of marriage, you can’t claim to be carrying out the policies and principles of Scripture when you’re doing things that are 180 degrees from it.


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