Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones: Alleged kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Whitmer a “false flag” by the “deep state”

Jones simultaneously justifies plot: “But I mean, what do you do?” Calls Whitmer a “dictator.”

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Citation From the October 8, 2020, edition of InfoWars’ The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): “Criminal complaint outlines Michigan militia group's plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.” And what other false flags are we going to see now? Because this is definitely, probably a provocateur'ed action.

But I mean, what do you do? What if the governor said you can never leave your house office, you've got to starve to death? Lay down and die, I guess. Because the power to shut things down is the power to bankrupt, it's the power to kill. What about all the folks who committed suicide because of her? What about all the folks that, again, died because she sent COVID patients there? “Well, she's the governor, she's above the law, she's God.”

Well, we knew it was coming. I predicted over and over again, the last few months, it's not a hard prediction, that they'd engage in a provocateur setup or a false flag against Democrat Party officials, to make them look like victims when they launch incredible tyranny.

Deep stater Governor Whitmer, who sent all those patient with COVID into nursing homes so she'd get a higher death rate — that monster, the woman that has that crazy looking psycho smile — she supposedly was the victim, or the potential victim, of a plot to kidnap her.

Oh, that's right, “Six people charged with a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer … the FBI quoted one of the accused as saying, ‘Whitmer has no checks and balances at all. She has uncontrolled power right now. All things must come to an end.’”

Funny, the supreme court of the state just ruled that she'd taken all powers — executive, legislative, and judicial — under herself, and had become a dictator, that the state was under a form of martial law. That was the ruling on Monday, and it's gotten almost no attention.


Militias are in the Constitution. I think they're good. Especially in Michigan and other areas, they're always getting infiltrated by the feds that tend to lead them to set people up.


What other false flags are we going to see now?