On SiriusXM's Dan Rather's America, David Brock Warns “Misinformation Is An Existential Threat To Democracy ... And We Have A Minister Of Disinformation” Working In The West Wing

Brock: “What I Would Like To See Is The Press Acting Without Fear” In Reporting Facts During Trump Administration

From the November 29 edition of Sirius XM's Dan Rather's America:

DAVID BROCK: Misinformation is an existential threat to democracy, and we are in a situation with Donald Trump where, for the first time I think in history, we have a minister of disinformation as a senior strategist in the west wing, Steve Bannon. And what we need to do is -- in an environment like this -- the fact is becoming an endangered species, and we need to stand up for the fact. We can't abandon the notion of truth and fact-checking, even though some will say that doesn't work. We need to stand up for the fact and ensure that we get a higher quality of journalism going forward I think than we did in this last cycle. 


DAN RATHER (HOST): Number one thing you'd like to see from reporters such as myself who are dedicated to the idea and the idea of trying to be honest brokers of information. To be fair, to be accurate, but on the other hand, to call things as they are, not as we prefer to have them be. 

BROCK: Right, well we're in a very sensitive time. And I think, from Media Matters' perspective, we have to handle the situation carefully. And what I mean by that is, on the one hand, you need to hold the press itself accountable and hold its feet to the fire, but we have to understand that the press is under concerted conservative attack, and that attack was, in this cycle, led by Donald Trump who is now president, and so we also need to nourish and have a constructive relationship with the press so that reporters can do their job. And so, what I would like to see is the press acting without fear and to try to set a climate where that can happen. But I'm very concerned about the continued bashing of the press by Donald Trump in what I think is a very destructive way. 


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