O'Reilly Praises Anti-Gay Group In His Fake War On Christmas

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly kicked off his annual obsession with the War on Christmas by blessing the Alliance Defending Freedom organization, an extremist anti-gay group O'Reilly credited with helping him save the holiday.

O'Reilly has become infamous for his annual fight against the so-called War on Christmas, a manufactured issue that O'Reilly has covered more than actual, ongoing wars for the past two years. He promised to continue the annual battle on the December 2 edition of his Fox program, decrying how the efforts of “secular groups” have resulted in “Happy Holidays syndrome” and wondering, “why are we allowing anti-Christmas madness?” O'Reilly went on to applaud the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for its help in the fight:

O'REILLY: So once again this year, I will keep an eye on the situation. Helping me is the Alliance Defending Freedom organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have been very successful in defending traditional rights in the courts. Therefore I say to them, 'God bless you, each and every one,' with apologies to Dickens.

O'Reilly then hosted ADF's senior vice president, Doug Napier, to discuss the organization's legal battles, which Napier described as a fight for Christians' “right to enjoy the season without the interference of a few bah humbug bullies.” O'Reilly repeatedly allowed Napier to hype the ADF and its website, and the two men praised one another for their War on Christmas efforts:

NAPIER: And what we have to do -- and you're doing a great job, Bill, of getting the information out to the American public -- Alliance Defending Freedom sent out 13,000 letters to school districts to tell the truth about Christmas. Armed with the truth, Christmas can come back in, and the bah humbug folks can go out.


O'REILLY: It's good to let people know that your organization will defend them gratis, pro bono, if they are harassed by these other people.

What O'Reilly omitted from his praise of the ADF for “defending traditional rights” is that the group is "virulently anti-gay," as the Southern Poverty Law Center put it. ADF has fought against gay rights at every turn and linked homosexuality to pedophilia, even currently working internationally to criminalize homosexuality.

Fox News has a cozy relationship with the ADF -- the network's reports often lend preference to the ADF's discriminatory stances, and Fox figures have even solicited donations to the group.

O'Reilly himself has a sordid history with LGBT issues. He's ridiculed gay and transgendered individuals, mocked equal rights laws, shamed young boys who like the color pink, and even depicted gay rights supporters as protectors of child molesters.