NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls Black Man A “Mongrelboy” In Latest Racially Charged Facebook Rant

Ted Nugent called a black man a “mongrelboy” during an exchange on Facebook in just the latest example of the National Rifle Association board member's use of the social media platform as a launch pad for racial attacks.

Although Nugent is a columnist for several conservative and hunting outlets -- most notably, the conspiracy website WND -- he has been increasingly turning to Facebook to promote his pro-gun agenda. During his many media appearances, Nugent routinely brags about his impact on Facebook, declaring that his page is more popular than those of recording artists Taylor Swift and Beyoncé -- something that's not even close to being true.

And more and more, Nugent's social media pro-gun advocacy has been accompanied by racially inflammatory attacks.

In an August 18 post, Nugent made a typical appeal for people to join two groups whose boards he has served on: the NRA and the Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun group run by discredited gun researcher John Lott. After urging his supporters to sign up as members to both, Nugent engaged with commenters, attacking one critic with a racial slur.

Although the exchange appears to have been deleted, Nugent was responding to an insult posted by a black man named Eissej Gorfu. Nugent wrote that the man's name was “another stark reminder of subhuman mongrelism gone obama,” before calling him a “mongrelboy” (Nugent quotations are sic throughout this post):

It was far from the first time Nugent publicly unleashed a racially inflammatory attack. In January 2014, Nugent infamously called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” sparking a controversy that made national headlines.

Here are eight other examples of Nugent's racially charged commentary from his Facebook page:

Nugent Lauds Mike Brown's Death: “The World Is Clealy Better Off Without Such Vicious Devils”

On August 13, Nugent attacked the “Black Lives Matter” movement, writing, “If black lives matter then let us pray that blacks stop killing raping & destroying their own. Soulless pathetic punks.”

He then posted a video showing one man attacking another, claiming that it depicted Mike Brown, who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri: “Here's the gentle giant of Ferguson in action. The world is clealy better off without such vicious devils.”

When commenters pointed out that the video is not of Brown -- it's a hoax that circulated in fringe right-wing circles -- he replied, “doesnt have to be mikey. devilpunks are all the same.”

Nugent: “When I Play My Motown Guitar, I Niggerup”

In a June 24 post promoting a column that he wrote for WND in defense of using the word “nigger,” Nugent wrote, “When I play my Motown guitar, I niggerup. its beautiful. Perfect. Only liars & linguistic fleebs & nazis claim otherwise.”

Nugent Engages With His Racist Supporters On Facebook And “Likes” Their Racist Comments

Unsurprisingly, Nugent's Facebook page is a cesspool of racist comments from his supporters -- but Nugent actually engages with this audience.

Following a June 6 post, one commenter wrote, “uncle ted, what would happen if you were to challenge obongo to a live, televised debate?” “Obongo” is a racist name for President Obama that references his Kenyan heritage.

Nugent “liked” the man's comment and replied, “Id eat his family tree & shit sawdust.”

Nugent: Obama Is A “Slavedriver”

In a June 1 conversation with a supporter, Nugent referred to Obama as a “slavedriver.”

Nugent Claims He Grew Up As An African-American Child Before Liking Racially Inflammatory Comments

In a May 14 post, Nugent shared a photograph of an African-American child and wrote, “This is the only known photograph of me just before I attacked my guitar back in Detroit @1956. Amazing I havnt changed a lick.”

In response to a commenter who wrote, “Ted, were you born a poor black child?” Nugent wrote, “dat right.”

He then “liked” a series of racist comments that riffed on his picture including, “I bet you like fried chicken,” “Just one question.. How did ya make the pubic hair on your head go straight?,” “i didnt know you took place in the Baltimore riots ted????,” and, “Ebola?”

Nugent “Liked” A Facebook Comment That Used The Word “Nigger”

In an April 6 post where Nugent attacked Media Matters for writing about how he called civil rights leader and MSNBC host Al Sharpton a “mongrel,” Nugent “liked” a Facebook comment where someone wrote, “Isn't 'mongrel' better than 'nigger'? Can't please some people.”

In Ferguson Rant, Nugent Referenced “Black Klansmen” And Told Black “Fuckin Idiots” To Stop Killing Each Other

On November 24, 2014, the night a grand jury announced that it would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Mike Brown, Nugent posted an unhinged rant on Facebook in which he offered “lessons from Ferguson,” writing, “Don't let your kids growup to be thugs who think they can steal, assault & attack cops as a way of life & badge of black (dis)honor. Don't preach your racist bullshit 'no justice no peace' as blabbered by Obama's racist Czar Al Not So Sharpton & their black klansmen.”

He also wrote, “dont claim that 'black lives matter' when you ignore the millions you abort & slaughter each & every day by other blacks,” and concluded, “So quit killin each other you fuckin idiots. Drive safely.”

Nugent On American Indians: “Less Peyote Less Whoopin & Hollerin”

Nugent also made racist comments about American Indians after some American Indian groups were involved in efforts to cancel several of his concerts in 2014 as a reaction to Nugent's misappropriation of headdresses in his performances and long history of racist commentary.

In an August 7, 2014, Facebook post, Nugent attacked the “stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors” who represented an American Indian group that protested his performance at a South Dakota music venue.

In follow-up comments, Nugent responded to a commenter who wrote, “Maybe the natives shoulda had better weapons” by writing, “less peyote less whoopin & hollerin.” Nugent also characterized the "'Mexican' population" as “poor communication challenged liability babies.”