Kelly File Guest Sides With News Anchor Fired Over Racist Facebook Post

Lis Wiehl: “If This Was A Black Anchor Talking About Black People … She Would Not Have Been Fired”

From the June 22 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): There's a news anchor in Pittsburgh named Wendy Bell, she's got 21 Emmys, she's got two Murrow awards, and she's been fired after a Facebook post that was construed as racist.

Basically, she's white, there was a mass shooting in a backyard bar-b-que that left four people injured and six dead including a pregnant woman, in a majority black borough, and she suggested you don't have to be a criminal profiler to know who the killers were. They're young black men, likely in their teens, early 20s, multiple siblings, multiple fathers, they've been in the system before, they've been arrested, they know the police, and the station said “You're gone.” Now she's suing, why?

WIEHL: She says because she was white -- she sued, she was fired because she was white, she just put that on her Facebook. Really? She was fired over that? Come on, you know it's because she was white. If this was a black anchor talking about black people in the neighborhood, she would not have been fired, and you know that's the truth.

KELLY: So, go ahead Mark.

MARK EIGLARSH: The lawsuit is going nowhere, Megyn.


EIGLARSH: This is an at-will state, they can get rid of her for any reason, and a good cause would be --

WIEHL: But you know that's not right, Mark. That's not right.

KELLY: But wait, you can get rid of her for any reason except an illegal reason.

WIEHL: Exactly.

EIGLARSH: That's correct.

KELLY: She's claiming she was the victim of racism.

WIEHL : It's reverse discrimination!

EIGLARSH: Lis cut me off. You're right, if it's discrimination. But the reality is the station is going to say those comments were so controversial that she would have reasonably understood that we would lose advertisers, it would be so controversial, and that's good enough.

WIEHL: She wasn't saying anything that was racist though. She was making an observation.

KELLY: She was assuming young black men had done the crime.

EIGLARSH: Lis Weihl, Megyn Kelly, you guys would never write write what she wrote.


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