Facebook Losing Members Over Privacy Concerns

Facebook is losing some members, reportedly over concerns about privacy issues.

ABC News reports that a small wave of members, including some well-known tech experts, are pulling the plug on their memberships.

“On his Twitter account today, Cory Doctorow, an author and co-editor of the popular blog BoingBoing, tweeted that he had signed off from Facebook, for good," ABC News stated. It later added, “In his widely-followed podcast Wednesday, tech pundit Leo Laporte expressed similar concerns while deleting his personal Facebook page on air. Laporte said he was worried about a 'power grab' by Facebook, as well as its 'amoral' approach to privacy"

In a statement, a Facebook spokesman said today: “We don't share specifics around internal meetings, but we had a productive discussion about the latest product announcements and how we can work on providing the best experiences for users and developers.”