Fox Business Displays On-Air Graphic Saying “Dear Santa: Bring Guns”


During a segment on Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne, a chyron (or on-air graphic) was displayed stating “Dear Santa: Bring Guns.”

On the December 22 edition of his show, Charles Payne discussed increasing gun sales in the holiday season due to fears of terrorism and of Obama taking action to limit gun access. Payne invited Erick Erickson, a Fox contributor who claimed Obama will take executive action to limit access to guns. During the segment, an on-air graphic appeared that said “Dear Santa: Bring Guns”:

CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Well, have you been naughty or have you been nice? Because this is the time of year when we're asking for Santa for a lot of things. Unfortunately, protection is at the top of the list this year. That's right, guns are topping so many Christmas lists, and as a result the sales are going through the roof now.


PAYNE: You know Eric, it's not just the terrorism thing. A few years ago, I would say the second year of Barack Obama's presidency, when he started making these sort of hints, that there were certain parts of the Constitution, particularly the second amendment, he didn't like, we saw FBI data go through the roof, with people saying “Hey, background checks, I want one of these things.” And it hasn't stopped yet. And a lot of people are afraid, in this last year the Obama administration, some sort of executive order will come down that will stop the sale of guns, bullets or something like that.

ERICK ERICKSON: Oh, absolutely. In fact, I'm buying about a thousand rounds of ammo a week now. Every time the President rattles his sabers on gun control, I go buy out and buy another gun and ammo. In fact, see it on my desk here I have a thousand rounds of ammunition that came in the mail the other day. I think Americans need to see the writing on the wall, that this administration is deeply against their second amendment right, even though it's been found to be an individual right by the Supreme Court, the administration could care less. They want to take away your guns, your ammunition, they want to raise tax on bullets, to make it difficult for to you buy them. Or, as we've seen with the Department of Homeland Security, they want to use government dollars to buy up as many rounds as possible to drive the price through the roof, to make it difficult for you to buy guns.


PAYNE: You know Jocko, here's the thing -- A lot of people argue, and this term is being tossed out there a lot, “common sense things”, you know, not taking away your gun rights, but maybe certain things. The no fly list by the way has been something that's been floated around. I think the fear is that once you open even a crack to that particular barn door, this administration will take it and run with it, and try to seize all guns.

JOCKO WILLINK: Yeah, I think that's definitely an idea that people have, that the government's going to try and come take their guns, and I think that's why they try to keep that crack in the door shut.

PAYNE: I mean Erick, let's face it though, what should we expect in the last year of the Obama administration, in terms of his coming for your guns? It's gonna happen, we know it's going to happen. You're the political expert, how do you think it happens? Executive order or something else?

ERICKSON: I think he does it through an executive order.