Erick Erickson's New Book Warns The “Leftist-Homosexual Mafia Will Shut You Down”

In his new book set to be released this February, Fox News contributor and prominent conservative media figure Erick Erickson will explain how the “leftist-homosexual mafia” is waging a “war on Christians.”

On February 22, Erickson will release his new book You Will Be Made To Care: The War on Faith, Family And Your Freedom To Believe, co-authored with Christian blogger Bill Blankschaen. The book explores how “religious liberty is under attack in America.” According to its website, the book will teach readers (emphasis added):

  • How lawyers are raking in millions through politically correct lawsuits against religious groups that don't affirm homosexuality as “normal”
  • How there is nowhere to hide: no matter how small your bed and breakfast, or your wedding chapel, or your flower shop--the leftist-homosexual mafia will shut you down if you don't share their beliefs
  • How Christian clergy will be forced to perform gay weddings or see their churches forced into bankruptcy

The book will likely be a rundown of the right's greatest horror stories in the bogus “war” on Christians led by the “leftist-homosexual mafia.” These stories tend to be misrepresented cases of business owners who violate non-discrimination laws by refusing to serve LGBT people, or long debunked myths about marriage equality's impact on “religious liberty.”

These examples of “Christian persecution” are essential to the right-wing campaign for “religious freedom” laws that seek to create broad legal protections for businesses that discriminate against LGBT people. They also give conservatives cause to oppose basic non-discrimination protections for LGBT people under the guise of protecting “religious liberty.” 

In the past, Erickson has referred to the LGBT community as terrorists, suggested that businesses serving gay couples are "aiding and abetting sin," and predicted that the arrest of Kim Davis could lead to "another civil war."