Erick Erickson Says Obama Is Responsible For The Increase In Mass Shootings

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson asserted that President Obama is at fault for an increase in mass shootings writing “the violent rhetoric of America's own president suggests” that “we are in a more violent age” and “now we are dealing with the consequences.”

In a post on, Erick Erickson claimed that Obama's policies and “violent rhetoric” are at fault for an increase in mass shootings such as encouraging people to “root out 'climate deniers'” and asking people to “understand why Islamic radicals want to kill us”:

In fact, the pace does seem to have quickened in Barack Obama's America. The man who tells his fellow Americans that incendiary rhetoric can cause violence once told his supporters to take guns to knife fights. He told supporters to get in the faces of their neighbors. He told Hispanic voters to punish Republicans who, Obama said, were their enemies.

Barack Obama's White House set up a website in which citizens could report other citizens for daring to speak critically of Obamacare. Just last week, President Obama's Organizing for Action group put up a website encouraging Americans to root out “climate deniers” and “call them out.”

If it seems like we are in a more violent age, we just might be. The violent rhetoric of America's own president suggests it. He lectures Christians on the crusades and thinks we need to understand why Islamic radicals want to kill us. When a lunatic kills three people outside a Planned Parenthood facility, the President and his political allies blame pro-life Christians. When an Islamic radical kills soldiers at Fort Hood, the President considers it workplace violence.

The political left in this country has decided, in the name of constantly advancing their agenda, to politicize everything. You are either with them or against them. The left gives a pass to our actual enemies, and treats their neighbor as the enemy because their neighbor can cast a vote, but ISIS cannot.

It used to not be so. But then Barack Obama stood up and literally told people to start taking guns to knife fights. Now we are dealing with the consequences.