Erick Erickson Compares Planned Parenthood President To A Nazi Doctor

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson likened Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards to a notorious Nazi doctor, calling her “America's own version of Josef Mengele” and labeling Planned Parenthood a “mass murdering organization.”

Conservative media figures have used deceptively edited videos, alleging that Planned Parenthood was involved in the sale of fetal tissue, released by the anti-choice Center for Medical Progress to compare the women's health organization to Nazis. Erickson previously referred to Richards as “the closest we have come in America to Josef Mengele” and has equated abortion with the Holocaust.

In a February 24 blog for his website, Erickson asserted that Richards is “America's own version of Josef Mengele” because Planned Parenthood is a “mass murdering organization ... which chops up children and harvests their body parts for sale”:

At a time more and more open white supremacists are backing Donald Trump, America's own version of Josef Mengele, Cecile Richards, is praising Donald Trump's defense of her mass murdering organization.

Richards presides over Planned Parenthood, which chops up children and harvests their body parts for sale, including storing whole children in freezers for later sale.

Millions of children have died at the hands of Cecile Richards' organization and Donald Trump calls her organization “wonderful.”