Erick Erickson Calls On Republicans To “Shut Down The Government” To Defund Planned Parenthood

An Erick Erickson blog post called for forcing “a fight in Congress” to “shut down the government if that is what it takes” to defund Planned Parenthood. 

Conservative Republicans in Congress are currently “threatening to shut down the government” by rejecting “any spending bill that does not cut off federal funds for Planned Parenthood,” following the release of four deceptively edited videos by conservative group Center For Medical Progress to attack the women's health organization. 

In a July 31 blog post titled “Shut Down The Government. Now.” Erickson encouraged individuals to show Republicans in Congress “violence in the polling booth” if they don't defund Planned Parenthood arguing, “shut down the government if that is what it takes. Shut it down now”: 

Your taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize an organization that extracts children, weeks from birth and capable of feeling pain and hearing, from their mothers' wombs. The organization inserts instruments into the soft part of the child's skull, rips it open, and extracts its brain. It then crushes the head and pulls it further out of the womb. From there it extracts the child's heart, liver, lungs, and other viable organs.


Friends, if Republicans in Congress will not stop giving tax payer dollars to the American Joseph Mengele, we should show the party violence in the polling booth.

The national media will not cover the savage butchery of Planned Parenthood. Forcing this fight in Congress will force coverage. They will spin it against us, but every congressman who speaks up should stand surrounded by the images of butchered children so that all Americans can see what we are fighting for.

The budget and appropriations fights are forthcoming. If Barack Obama is willing to risk a government shutdown because he demands our tax dollars continue funding an organization that kills our children and sells their organs, we should have that fight.

Shut down the government if that is what it takes. Shut it down now. If we cannot stand on this high ground, we should not stand at all. Children are being ripped apart and their hearts, brains, lungs, and livers sold. Is this not a fight worth having?

Update: Erickson additionally said he “intend[s] to ask each POTUS candidate” at the RedState Gathering on August 7, “if they'd support a gov't shutdown” to defund Planned Parenthood in a July 31 tweet: