CNN's Erickson Endorses Use Of Mushroom Clouds On Political Targeting Map

Yesterday, news broke that a bomb “capable of inflicting multiple casualties” was found along a Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Washington. The FBI has described bomb as a case of “domestic terrorism.”

Today, CNN's Erick Erickson and National Review's Jim Geraghty had the following Twitter exchange:


Erickson has previously spoken of pulling shotguns on government officials and beating state legislators to a “bloody pulp for being an idiot” and written that “metaphorically speaking,” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should get “punched in the face.”

In other Erickson news, CNN has chosen him to provide “insight and analysis” for its State of the Union coverage.

Interestingly, on last night's edition of CNN's John King, USA, King apologized for a guest's use of the word “crosshairs” :

Before we go to break, I want to make a quick point. We were just having a discussion about the Chicago mayoral race, just a moment ago. My friend Andy Shaw, who now works for a good government group out there, used the term “in the crosshairs” in talking about the candidates out there. We're trying-we're trying to get away from that language. Andy is a good friend, he's covered politics for a long time, but we're trying to get away from using that kind of language. We won't always be perfect. So hold us accountable when we don't meet your standards.

So, when a CNN guest uses the term “in the crosshairs” to describe political targeting, King apologizes to his audience and says “we're trying to get away from that language.” And, at the same time, CNN gives a contributor who routinely uses far more graphically violent rhetoric a plum gig analyzing the State of the Union. And remember: Last week, King hosted Erickson for a discussion of inflammatory rhetoric, and adopted Erickson's criticisms of liberals' rhetoric without ever asking Erickson about his own track record.