CNN's Erickson Again Uses Violent Imagery In Writing About Government Officials

I'm starting to think CNN's Erick Erickson has some anger issues. How else to explain the intensity with which he alternates between pious declarations of his Christianity and fantasies about physical assaults on government officials?

As you may remember, Erickson has spoken of pulling shotguns on government officials and beating state legislators to a “bloody pulp for being an idiot.” And now he writes that “metaphorically speaking,” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should get “punched in the face” :

Metaphorically Speaking, the Adults Should be Getting Punched

I realize we are not supposed to use “angry” rhetoric these days, but columns like this one in USA Today by Jody Bottum demand an answer.

The title is, “Where are adults in debt ceiling talks?” If there is justice in the world, the only correct answer is, “Getting punched in the face, though metaphorically speaking.”

We can forgive a contributing editor of the Weekly Standard for taking to USA Today to take shots — also metaphorical — at Jim DeMint.


But to juxtapose Jim DeMint as a child and Tim Geithner as an adult is a bit much — let alone Geithner as the conservative and DeMint as the radical.

Just don't expect CNN's John King to ask Erickson about this the next time Erickson attacks liberals for their rhetoric.