After Banning Trump For Sexism, Erick Erickson's RedState Calls Clinton A “Homely Woman” Who Slept “Her Way Into Power”


A RedState post claimed that Hillary Clinton proves “even a homely woman can sleep her way into power.” RedState's editor-in-chief Erick Erickson recently disinvited Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering event for Trump's sexist attacks on Fox's Megyn Kelly.

The attack on Clinton comes in a RedState post from one of its front page contributors, who goes by “streiff,” who wrote:

If Hillary Clinton possesses any unique selling propostion beyond proving even a homely woman can sleep her way into power, it is her tenure as Barack Obama's secretary of state. That seems to be a slender enough reed when polls show the electorate could give a flying rat's patootie about experience and favor a change agent above all.

The post is featured at the top of the RedState home page:

Erickson is currently both editor-in-chief of the site and a Fox News contributor.

Trump was disinvited from the RedState Gathering after he complained about Kelly's questions to him during the Fox News Republican presidential debate, telling CNN that “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever.”

Erickson told reporters that he had disinvited Trump because, “No legitimate candidate suggests somehow a female asking questions is doing it because she's hormonal,” adding, “When you make comments about a reporter like that -- look, I've made plenty of comments about reporters in the past, male and female, but I've never once suggested one of them was angry because it was her time of the month. That's just a party foul. No candidate should do something like that, I'm embarrassed to even talk about what he's implying.”

Despite Erickson's own long history of sexist attacks -- he's said that males should be “dominant” over females, claimed women should be “at home” while men bring “home the bacon,” and labeled Michelle Obama a “Marxist harpy wife” -- much of the rest of the Republican presidential field was in attendance at the RedState Gathering this past weekend.

This drew the condemnation of groups like EMILY's List, which said the candidates were siding “with a man who believes women should not be in the workplace and calls women lawmakers names like 'Abortion Barbie,” adding, “Donald Trump and Erick Erickson are just symptoms of a larger problem. At its core, the ideology that Republican Party policies are grounded in is a fundamental distrust of women.”

Fox News voices have also taken note of Erickson's hypocrisy for feuding with Trump. Host Greta Van Susteren wrote, “You have to love the irony of Erick Erickson disinviting Trump when Erickson has said the worst things about women,” while Neil Cavuto referenced Erickson's past statements during an on-air interview.

Clinton has been repeatedly attacked by media figures who claim her success was entirely due to her husband.