Newsmax's Eric Bolling encourages Trump to lock up Biden administration officials in Guantanamo Bay

Bolling: “Chris Wray, FBI, gone. Perp walk him. Perp walk Mayorkas. Perp walk Attorney General Merrick Garland.” ... “Let's throw them in Gitmo.”

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Citation From the August 18, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): You know what the plans I like, Kari? Those are all great. Those are all fantastic. But the plans that I know he has because I asked him last week when I sat down with him in Bedminster – he's gonna go after the deep state. He's going to go after the people who are, right –


BOLLING: Who are indicting him, who are arresting him, who are fingerprinting him for things that they never should be. They're going after him. He's going to clean house and I think the American people are really looking forward to that. Quick thought on that, and I wanna ask you about the next move.

LAKE: That's my favorite. That's my number one favorite plan of his because – you know, we've been dealing with decades of corruption. Decades upon decades of corruption, and it's at a peak right now. We need to have justice. The American people need to have justice. We can't move forward after what they did to us with Covid - shutting us down, destroying our small businesses, masking our children, shutting our kids' schools down, and setting them back. We can't handle moving forward from that without seeking justice, and I know that President Trump is all about justice and restoring America to her greatness. I'm so excited about him becoming the nominee and winning and getting America back on track. And that's the last thing the deep state and the uni-party wants him to talk about. They want him stuck in court with all of these – pardon my French – BS indictments, Eric –

BOLLING: You can say BS. I think, in fact, I've said the whole full word on this show before. I'd love to see him – and he said he will. Chris Wray, FBI, gone. Perp walk him. Perp walk Mayorkas. Perp walk Attorney General Merrick Garland for all the shenanigans he's pulled. And not only Trump, but anyone with a conservative or an R next to the name.


BOLLING: Let's put them in Gitmo. Let's throw them in Gitmo. Because they certainly don't want to lock up any terrorists anymore, they want to let them out, and they want to let the criminals out.