Newsmax promotes Rand Paul campaign ad attacking college swimmer Lia Thomas, whose season ended in March

Paul: “One day we're going to look up and the top three places at the Olympics and women's sports will be men”

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Citation From the September 28, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): American culture is under assault on so many fronts, one of them, women's sports, of course. And the left is destroying fairness in the name of gender ideology by allowing biological men to dominate the field of play because that's the liberal or woke thing to do. But as the midterms fast approach, the elections that is, some politicians are making this issue a key part of their campaigns. Let's listen.



BOLLING: Riley, let me start with you a little bit. Where are we in the state of play, so to speak, on this? Because I heard, you know, we've heard that the NCAA pushed it to the individual governing bodies of their sports. Where is the – where does it that the issue lie right now?

RILEY GAINES (GUEST): Yes, so, FINA, which is actually the world's aquatic association, across international competition of all aquatic sports, so this includes swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, they have actually banned transgender athletes from elite competitions unless transition by the age of 12 years old. So, of course, there is some good and bad things about that policy. Good thing is no transgender athletes competing internationally. This includes the Olympics, but of course, the bad thing is we're almost encouraging 12-year-olds to transition. 12 is obviously not old enough to know the implications of what transitioning has on your body, on your future.

BOLLING: Yeah so, actually, it is not almost encouraging. We are pushing people who – men who want to compete as women to do it before the age of 12.


BOLLING: So, senator, she was fumbling around even to define a woman. That's a Supreme Court justice. So no matter how hard you push, no matter how hard Riley pushes, and you as a senator, eventually these things are going end up in the Supreme Court. And if they can't figure it out, how in the world is Riley going to get relief?

SENATOR RAND PAUL (GUEST): You know, I think her answer was disingenuous. I don't think it's that she can't define a woman – she refuses to define a woman. And that's why the rest of us do have to speak out because this is the kind of silence that's going on, either pushed on people or purposefully. But it's the silence that there is no difference in men and women are exactly the same with regard to sports. And everybody knows that's not true. And we have to push back. That's why I'm proud of Riley Gaines for speaking out, for being, you know, a championship swimmer, an all-American swimmer, and speaking out because I think there's a – some private, subtle bullying going on trying to keep girls from saying anything. And frankly, we need dozens of more swimmers and track runners like Riley that are willing to speak out.

BOLLING: And Riley, what would be success for you? How would you define success?

GAINES: I would define success when a change is made and accountability is taken. We clearly lack accountability in this country, starting at the top with the president. And so, clearly that leaks down into governing bodies like the NCAA. All season they were looking to other organizations to make that decision for them as to what to do in terms of allowing transgender athletes to compete in the female category. And so, until accountability is had, and the change is made, there will be no success and we've lost the integrity of women's sports.

BOLLING: You know, final thoughts senator, there's so many things. You know, you're a senator going into the midterm elections. There's so many issues. I'm glad you are. But why this issue?

PAUL: You know, I think this cuts across party lines. I meet people all the time. It's not actually a big discussion at political events. It's more of a discussion around the water cooler or at a cocktail party where people say, well, gosh, that's unfair. Who could actually believe it could be – who could be for that? So, I think there are actually a lot of independent, moderate moms who have daughters that are swimming or in track, soccer, you name it who are like, wow, that's not fair. And they get that. And I think this is something that has to be discussed more, because I think the vast majority of America actually are on our side. But I think if we're quiet, if this is met with silence, this will become the norm. And one day we're going to look up and the top three places at the Olympics and women's sports will be men. And I think just how long that is, how good it's been for the last couple of generations that we have more and more women sports and that this would just reverse all of that.

BOLLING: Well, I'm glad you're both on it. And I got to say, to all the women out there, if you don't want a situation where there's only one level, with men and women competing against each other – you know how that's gonna end up – if you don't want that, then you've got to speak up like Riley Gaines and Senator Rand Paul. appreciate both of your time tonight. Thank you. 

Lia Thomas' season concluded in March.