On Newsmax, Kari Lake says Donald Trump should go on Newsmax instead of attending Fox News' GOP primary debate

Lake: “Fox has proven that they are a globalist network”

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Citation From the July 27, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): You know, Kari, you've known Trump for a long -- I've known him. I know he's a fighter. He -- there's never fight he backs down from. Here's my question. A lot of people are saying, a lot of whisperers to Trump say, don't do that August 23rd debate at Fox because you don't need to, you're winning by a lot. But I know the guy, himself too, he sees these opportunities to, like, shine and fight and fight back and sometimes takes them. What do you think? Should he attend that August 23rd debate? 

KARI LAKE (GUEST): I mean, these other people who are running aren't even contenders. It's like, why would he go and do a debate with people who don't even have a snowball's chance in hell of making it anywhere close to him in the polls? It really does seem to be a waste of time. And I frankly wouldn't want to give Fox the ratings. Fox has proven that they are a globalist network. I mean, I'm not judging them. If they want to be a globalist network, and they want to push for the, you know, uni-party swamp, that's their prerogative. That's their business. But I don't know why President Trump would go in and give them the ratings. They don't deserve it. Maybe he should come on Newsmax and you guys should do a debate or some sort of an issue, you know, oriented interview with him so he can talk about what he wants to do to turn things around. Eric, there's an idea for you. 

BOLLING: Yeah. Listen, pitch it. Yeah, I mean, next time you speak to him, we're ready. And, boy, wouldn't that be fun to see what kind of viewership we could pull away from that debate? I'm glad you brought that up Kari. It's a little off the beaten path here. But, you know, Fox with the satanic stuff that we broke earlier in the week - they were donating to the Satanic Temple. They stopped doing it once we broke the story with Glenn Beck. I'm not sure what's going on over there, Kari. I just don't know what's happened to the place I worked for for 11 years. It's not the same place. 

LAKE: It seems like it's, kind of, imploding right now and I don't even think they care about the bottom line. I think there's so many of these corporate news operations have Trump derangement syndrome, and they -- and I believe they realize that their days are numbered as a news outlet when there's no more propaganda to push. When Trump gets in office, they're going to have to start covering real news, and I think many of them have been part of this propaganda and are uncomfortable with where the truth is going to lead. So, I think the days of the corporate news entities that we know of today are numbered, and we're starting to see other options that are pro-America, not trying to bring down our country, that want to speak the truth, that don't want to push propaganda. And we're seeing their ratings go up, much like Newsmax and many others that are doing the right thing.

BOLLING: We're gonna leave it there and let's unofficially announce a potential, maybe Trump sitdown during the August 23rd. I'm joking, but hey, you never know.