Newsmax host calls Fox News a “giant bully, rather than a legitimate news source”

Eric Bolling blasts Fox News for ignoring Fox Sports desecrating the 9/11 memorial in a graphic, Fox News for playing a montage of DeSantis supporters, and Tucker Carlson for being the “chief spokesperson” for Fox executives

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Citation From the July 18, 2022, edition of Newsmax's The Balance with Eric Bolling

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Sure, Fox Sports apologized – Fox Sports apologized for the offensive error. But Fox News – again, emphasis on News and being a news channel – should reflect on their colleagues over at Fox Sports and call them out.

I spent eleven years plus at Fox, and I know nothing makes it to that screen without several layers of producers, eyeballs. And never will they put something on the screen that's not promoting their agenda. So, when there's an error of this magnitude, one that would spark dozens of Fox primetime stories that would run for a week, Fox is silent suddenly on this one. And that, folks, is the very definition of corporate media – that's not journalism. That's media presented in order to pump the earnings, not to promote transparency and, more importantly, holding truth to power.

Now, Fox News is huge and Fox News is powerful. So I'd like to go out on a limb and hold some truth to power because most, if not all of the other conservative voices are fearful of Fox retribution with their power. They do wield it. So I'll try to hold truth to power in this realm. The power being the power of Fox News as a giant bully rather than a legitimate news source. And then this happened.

[Bolling plays Fox News montage of "anti-Trump voters"]

BOLLING: Fox News aired that obvious take – takedown of Donald Trump, reminding you nothing hits that screen without a purpose. So, I'm trying to figure out why Fox News, why are they trying to dump Trump, and really pumping up Ron DeSantis? It is a news station, right? You are picking a candidate.


So, what is Fox up to? Don't run over to Tucker, he won't report on all the corporate stuff. He's corporate chief's – Fox's chief spokesperson, sort of a Karine Jean-Pierre of Fox.

Hm. Well, we'll keep an eye on it. We'll watch Fox and let you know if they do because they should, they're new service after all, or pretend to be.

But we'll see you tomorrow, let you know if they heard us here and did the right thing. I highly doubt it. More likely, some undermining smear campaign about me should be popping up somewhere in the media world in three, two, one.