Newsmax guest Ted Nugent threatens to “arrest” federal officers

Nugent: “Somebody arrest the president. He's the one violating the Constitution.”

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Citation From the March 15, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Here they go again, Ted. Obama tried to do it. Biden's trying to do it, go around Congress and take a God-given right away from us. Your thoughts.

TED NUGENT (GUEST): Well, the entire US government right now, it seems, only the guilty need to feel guilty, which would be about 99 percent are liars - psychotic, maniac, evil, tyrannical, oath-violating liars. Let me get this straight - if I'm keeping and bearing arms, then I'm legal based on, not just the self-evident truth of a God-given right, but those that are attempting to infringe on it, those are the bad guys. So let's say, I'm working with some of my friends at the ATF -- I think there's three good ones there -- and maybe some of the FBI -- I don't know if there's any good ones there anymore -- let's say they try to infringe on me. Let's say they try to tell me to pursue an immoral, illegal law in the United States of America and register my guns and get a permit for my First Amendment, or maybe a permit for my Second Amendment. If they give me that decree, I'm arresting them. They're infringing. He's infringing. Somebody arrest the president. He's the one violating the Constitution. Eric, who the hell doesn't know this? 

BOLLING: You know, Ted -- you know, meanwhile, they want to take our guns away, as you point out, which is protection against a tyrannical government. That's what it was put in place for, noteworthy on Ides of March when, you know, Caesar was shot by Brutus and others because it was tyranny.