YouTube is still monetizing misinformation from The Epoch Times and NTD, despite claims to the contrary

A Media Matters review found that YouTube failed to fully demonetize all of the channels associated with The Epoch Times and its affiliate New Tang Dynasty television (NTD), despite claims to the contrary.

On January 20, 2021, The Epoch Times published an article explaining that it had been demonetized on YouTube after the pro-Trump network of channels promoted “Stop the Steal” events and pushed baseless election fraud conspiracy theories leading up to the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Since then, the outlet has sent multiple newsletters begging its subscribers for cash. 

But some of The Epoch Times’ affiliated YouTube channels, including Declassified with Gina Shakespeare and The Nation Speaks, are still profiting off of pre-roll ads running before their videos.

GS YouTube Ad

Citation Screenshot from Declassified with Gina Shakespeare YouTube channel 

The Nation Speaks YouTube

Citation Screenshot from The Nation Speaks YouTube channel 

Gina Shakespeare’s channel is also profiting off of selling Epoch Times merchandise, linked in the description box underneath her videos.

GS YouTube Merch

Citation Screenshot from Declassified with Gina Shakespeare YouTube channel

BuzzFeed News recently reported that The Epoch Times has set up multiple new YouTube channels following former President Donald Trump’s election loss. If YouTube is serious about stopping the spread of misinformation from The Epoch Times and NTD on its platform, the company must ensure all of their affiliated channels are reviewed, demonetized or removed.