Fox anchor defends Trump's profane and bizarre acquittal speech: “Hasn't he been under assault for 3 years?”

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Citation From the February 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

JUAN WILLIAMS (FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST): The larger point here is not -- you know, it's about how Donald Trump, it seems to me, is willing to conduct himself. I thought what happened yesterday in the East Room of the White House was, like, bizarre. I mean, he just was like -- I said to Ed earlier in the green room, I said, was that, like, therapy? It was like [inaudible] some stream of conscious, using profanity, going on -- I was like, wow. But you know what? I think some people see it as authentic, you know, Sandra? I don't know. I just -- for me, it's puzzling. 

ED HENRY (ANCHOR): Hasn't he been under assault for three years? 

WILLIAMS: Under assault? How's that? He's president of the United States.

HENRY: How's that? Do you follow the Mueller report?

WILLIAMS: The Mueller report, I believe that he said -- I don't agree with this, but his language, he was exonerated, Ed.


WILLIAMS: The Mueller report.

HENRY: Right. But for two years was investigated with claims of collusion from Russia with Adam Schiff that were never proven, right? 

WILLIAMS: What are you saying, that they shouldn't have had an investigation?