Doug Giles of Clash Radio hosted anti-Muslim author Paul Sperry, claimed “violence seems to be the soup du jour of the Islamic house”

During Clash Radio host Doug Giles's April 9 interview of conservative author Paul Sperry, both men smeared Muslims, accusing them of having violent tendencies.

Sperry, author of Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington (Nelson Current, 2005) and former Washington bureau chief of right-wing news website, claimed, “Islamic radicals have worked their way into our government through intimidation and exploitation of religious tolerance.” Sperry's remarks led Giles to exclaim, “The terrorists are not the lunatic, radical fringe the media has made them out to be.” Though he appeared to contradict Sperry's characterization of Islamic terrorists as “radicals,” Giles did not qualify his comment or explain its meaning.

Earlier, during the introduction to his program, Giles stated, “From what I've read of Islamic writings, unlike the New Testament or the Christian Bible, violence seems to be the soup du jour of the Islamic house.”

During the interview, Sperry baselessly claimed that Jews and Christians are “marked for punishment” by Muslims:

GILES: I guess you don't think what our president thinks, that Islam is a religion of peace.

SPERRY: Well it is a religion of peace -- for Muslims. Everyone else is marked for punishment, Jews and Christians alike.


SPERRY: When they say some of these things, like they don't condone terrorism, what they say is they don't condone terrorism against “innocents” -- that's the word they always use. Well, they don't consider us or Israelis as innocents, and that's part of their method of white lies to protect fellow Muslims in the faith.

Contrary to Sperry's assertion, numerous Muslim leaders and scholars have issued statements unequivocally denouncing terror against non-Muslims. Among them is a declaration released two days before the first anniversary of 9-11, signed by 199 prominent American Muslims and Islamic scholars from around the world. It stated: “We say most clearly, however, that the killing of innocent civilians, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, is always wrong and is forbidden in Islamic law and ethics.”

Giles is the founder of Clash Christian Church, which according to its website “chooses to infiltrate” a “cruddy culture.” The church holds its services at a Residence Inn in Aventura, Florida, a Miami suburb. Giles is a columnist for the conservative website; his Clash Radio has hosted conservative icons such as Michelle Malkin, Oliver North, and Ann Coulter.