This Wyoming Reporter Just Threw Cold Water On Trump's Coal Fantasy

During a press conference in advance of Donald Trump's energy speech at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference on May 26, Inside Energy reporter Leigh Paterson asked Donald Trump about his pledge to restore coal mining jobs: 

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LEIGH PATERSON (Inside Energy reporter): Mr. Trump, you've said multiple times that you would bring coal mining jobs back. And I'm a reporter in Wyoming, the largest coal -- 

DONALD TRUMP: I know. I see it. By far. I was very impressed. 

PATERSON: So but, one of the main factors those jobs are going away and the mines are closing is because of low natural gas prices. Poor decision making by coal companies. 

TRUMP: And by government. 

PATERSON: And also because of slowing international demand. So do you believe you have power as the president to actually bring those jobs back? 

TRUMP: I do. Because I think ultimately coal will be very inexpensive and it's got to get -- you got to get rid of some of the regulations. I spoke to some of the mine owners, and they were surrounded by some of their miners. And they were showing me some of the regulations where it is on a daily basis going in checking, checking, checking. And they have people that do nothing but deal with regulators and it is out of control. It's gotten out of control. 

PATERSON: And what would you do about those market forces? 

TRUMP: Well, the market forces are going to be whatever they are. You know, all I can do is free up the coal which I'm going to totally do. Get the companies back to work, market forces, that's something I don't want to get involved in, that's a beautiful -- to me a market force is a beautiful force. 


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