Wolf Blitzer: Trump Criticizes Musical, But Doesn't “Go Out Of The Way To Express His Outrage” Over Nazi Salute

Blitzer: Why Doesn’t He “Directly Address Those People And Say, ‘You Know What, You're Not A Part Of My Team. I Don't Want Your Support. I Hate What You're Doing,’”

From the November 22 edition of CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): He does it in response to questions, you're right, and he is very tough in the response to questions, but he doesn't do it necessarily on his own initiative.

For example, you know he hits the news media when thinks there's a story that's unfair, he tweets when he is outraged about something in the media, Hamilton, what happened in the Broadway musical, Hamilton, but he doesn't seem to go out of the way to express his outrage over people hailing him with Nazi salutes. Why doesn't he do that more dramatically, if you will, and make it clear that he wants no part of the people?

SEAN SPICER: Because I think it's asked and answered, Wolf. You have asked me eight times, the same question, I've told you what his position is, that's -- because that's not his focus. His focus is for making this country better for all Americans, creating a better country, creating a better education system for all Americans, rebuilding our inner cities. That's what his focus is. So, I get that you guys all want to ask the same question over and over again and make him denounce it eight ways to Sunday, but it's not what he wants to talk about.


BLITZER: I think what the -- what a lot of people would like to see is a formal statement, similar --

SPICER: No, they wouldn't. No, they wouldn't.

BLITZER: Wait a minute. He did -- he did a two and a half minute video yesterday, outlining his economic plans for the first 100 days. Why not simply do another YouTube video like that, and say look -- and directly address those people and say, “you know what, you're not a part of my team. I don't want your support. I hate what you're doing,” and end it once and for all? And take the initiative, instead of simply reacting when a reporter asks him a question.


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