White Nationalists Love Trump’s Steve Bannon Hiring: “With Trump, Every Day Is Christmas”

White nationalists are thrilled about President-elect Donald Trump’s White House appointment of Steve Bannon, who ran the white nationalist “alt-right” website Breitbart News. Racist and anti-Semitic writers are hailing Bannon’s appointment as “pure awesomeness” and “Christmas” and are praising Bannon for holding similar views to their own.

Breitbart News has repeatedly pushed anti-Semitism and racism under Bannon’s leadership. CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that “Bannon's ex-wife swore in court in 2007 that he ‘didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews...He said he doesn’t like Jews...’”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a statement saying that it “strongly opposes” Bannon’s appointment as chief strategist and senior counselor, noting that Bannon presided over the “premier website of the 'alt-right' — a loose-knit group of white nationalists and unabashed anti-Semites and racists.”

Bannon and Trump’s allies within the white nationalist community -- which includes neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, and proud white supremacists -- are hailing Bannon’s appointment:

Neo-Nazi Website Infostormer: “Pure Awesomeness.” Infostormer is a neo-Nazi website that idolizes Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. It is virulently anti-Semitic and features the prominent tag line, “Destroying Jewish Tyranny.” Writer “Marcus Cicero” celebrated Bannon’s hiring by writing that it’s “Pure awesomeness” and Bannon “is far closer to our views than the average Republican you will see on the tubes.”

Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer: Trump Has Surrounded Himself With “The Right People.” The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi website that idolizes Hitler and Donald Trump. The website leads online attacks and troll campaigns against Jewish journalists. Editor Andrew Anglin praised Trump’s hiring of Bannon and said Trump has “surrounded himself with the right people this entire election, so there’s no reason to believe he’ll stop doing that now.” Anglin also attacked the “kike media” for “portraying Trump as a cuck who is going back on everything.”

White Nationalist Leader Richard Spencer: "’Strategist’ Is The Best Possible Position For Steve Bannon.” Richard Spencer is a white nationalist who leads the “think tank” National Policy Institute. The Associated Press reported that Spencer has “matter-of-factly called for removing African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews from the United States.” Spencer praised Trump’s Bannon appointment on his Twitter account:

White Nationalist Writer Hunter Wallace Reacts To Appointment: Trump “Doesn't Give A Shit” What The ADL Thinks. Hunter Wallace (real name Brad Griffin) is an anti-Semitic writer who is also a board member for the white supremacist hate group Council of Conservative Citizens. He responded to Bannon’s hiring with elation, writing that Bannon’s vision for the country “is our dream too” and it shows that Trump “doesn’t give a shit what the [Southern Poverty Law Center] and ADL thinks”:

Sounds good to me:

“PARIS—Never mind that the French cable television report on Stephen Bannon made him look like one of the winos living on grates in Paris, or that it compared Bannon, Donald Trump’s grizzled éminence grise and newly-named White House chief strategist, to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief Josef Goebbels.

And never mind the program’s citations of rampant sexism on Bannon’s pseudo-news service, Breitbart. All he had to do in that clip was say he’d like to expand Breitbart’s operations to France and allude to Marion Maréchal-Le Pen as “the new rising star” on the French version of the alt-right and she started gushing on Twitter in English:…

Breitbart, which currently runs an office in London, certainly has plans to expand in France and Germany with new bureaus to cultivate and promote the populist-nationalist lines there.

“He has long wanted to work with all of those parties, but that was only in promoting them with Breitbart,” a source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast. “Now he has the power of the White House to do it.” …”

This is our dream too … spreading the national populist revolution to Europe, overthrowing the liberal world order, turning Trump’s America into our equivalent of the Soviet Union. It’s a stunning turn events. I still can’t believe it is happening.


I can’t believe this is happening either. President Trump doesn’t give a shit what the SPLC and ADL thinks. I’m feeling whiplash in a good way.

White Nationalist Radio Host James Edwards: “With Trump, Every Day Is Christmas.” James Edwards is the host of the “pro-white” radio show The Political Cesspool. He interviewed several Trump surrogates during the campaign, including Donald Trump Jr., and received press credentials to a Trump rally. He celebrated the Bannon news on Twitter:

Anti-Immigrant Site VDare Celebrates Bannon Hiring. VDare is a white nationalist site that attacks immigrants. The site responded to the Bannon hiring by writing pro-Bannon tweets:

UPDATE: David Duke praised Bannon’s hiring on his radio show, stating that “Bannon has really been right on about a lot of issues facing European-Americans.” CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie also​ talked to leading white nationalists and found that “they view Bannon as an advocate in the White House for policies they favor.”