White Nationalist Media Have Found Their “Great” “Hope” In Donald Trump And His Immigration Plan

White nationalist media figures are backing Donald Trump's presidential campaign and celebrating his stance on immigration. They have hailed Trump as “doing the Lord's work,” someone who “represents our interests,” “the best of the lot,” and the “last hope for a president who would be good for white people.”

Hate Group Observers: Trump Is Gaining Support Among White Nationalist Movement

New YorkerTrump Campaign Is A “Revelation” To White NationalistsNew Yorker staff writer Evan Osnos wrote of Trump and the extreme right:

Ever since the Tea Party's peak, in 2010, and its fade, citizens on the American far right--Patriot militias, border vigilantes, white supremacists--have searched for a standard-bearer, and now they'd found him. In the past, “white nationalists,” as they call themselves, had described Trump as a “Jew-lover,” but the new tone of his campaign was a revelation. [New Yorker8/31/15]

SPLC: Trump Has Found Support From White Nationalists. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks hate groups, wrote that Trump's “willingness to speak up about issues dear to the white nationalist cause, and his challenge to the two-party system, are what many white nationalists find most appealing.” Southern Poverty Law Center senior fellow Mark Potok told Huffington Post: “As our country transitions for the first time to a truly multicultural democracy, we are living through a tremendous backlash, and Trump really represents that.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, 8/5/15; Huffington Post, 8/26/15]

ADL: “White Supremacists View Donald Trump As Champion Of Disaffected Whites.” The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) wrote in July: “Don­ald Trump's bigoted remarks about Mex­i­can immi­grants, his sub­se­quent jump in the polls and his abil­ity to attract thou­sands of peo­ple to a cam­paign event in Ari­zona caught the atten­tion of white suprema­cists. Eager to exploit the sit­u­a­tion, some white suprema­cists are hail­ing Trump as a cham­pion of dis­af­fected whites who are angry about non-white immi­gra­tion and cul­tural changes.” [ADL.org, 7/15/15]

BuzzFeed: “America's White Nationalists Have Spoken, And They've Spoken Loud And Clear: Donald Trump Is Their Presidential Candidate Of Choice.” [BuzzFeed, 8/26/15]

White Supremacist Radio Host David Duke: Trump Is “Certainly The Best Of The Lot”

SPLC: Duke Is “A Neo-Nazi, Longtime Klan Leader And Now International Spokesman For Holocaust Denial.” The SPLC wrote of Duke:

David Duke is the most recognizable figure of the American radical right, a neo-Nazi, longtime Klan leader and now international spokesman for Holocaust denial who has nevertheless won election to Louisiana's House of Representatives and once was nearly elected governor. He is also known for his avid pursuit of women and, especially, money -- so much so, in fact, that he finally went to prison in 2002 for using cash raised to support white supremacist causes to pay for his own gambling and home improvements. Since then, Duke has become an itinerant anti-Semitic salesman, traveling regularly to Europe to sell his books while his latest white supremacist organization, EURO, remains almost entirely inactive. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Duke: Trump Is “Certainly The Best Of The Lot.” Duke said on his radio show that Trump is “certainly the best of the lot” running for president and he “understands the real sentiment of America.” From BuzzFeed:

“Trump, he's really going all out. He's saying what no other Republicans have said, few conservatives say. And he's also gone to point where he says it's not just illegal immigration, it's legal immigration,” Duke said, adding Trump has also talked about companies are taking advantage of the H1B visa program. Duke added that he felt the big technology companies were headed by “Zios.”

Duke said The Donald, while untrustworthy, was “the best of the lot” running.

“So this is a great opportunity,” Duke said. “So although we can't trust him to do what he says, the other Republican candidates won't even say what he says. So he's certainly the best of the lot. And he's certainly somebody that we should get behind in terms, ya know, raising the image of this thing.” [BuzzFeed, 8/25/15]

Duke: “I Like Donald Trumps Position On Immigration.” Duke wrote on his website that he has not yet endorsed Trump but likes his position on immigration:

What I said on my show that I like Donald Trumps [sic] position on immigration and I think that he has dared to talk about is a great thing for increasing awareness of the destruction of America with massive immigration.

I have been warning the American people for the last 40 years about the catastrophe of massive immigration. It is good to see America has now finally come to see what I warned about decades ago.

I don't know if I will endorse Trump because I haven't decided yet if I can trust him to do what he says. Ronald Reagan rode to the presidency in part on his pledge to stop immigration, but he actually signed the first and biggest amnesty bill. One thing is sure, I won't endorse any of the other candidates of the Republican Party, even if I don't endorse Trump. They are all subservient to the foreign nation of Israel and psychopaths such as Netanyahu. [DavidDuke.com, 8/25/15]

Trump On Duke: “I Certainly Wouldn't Want His Endorsement.” Trump was asked by Bloomberg News about Duke's support for his candidacy:

“I don't need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn't want his endorsement,” Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg's Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. He added: “I don't need anyone's endorsement.”

Asked whether he would repudiate the endorsement, Trump said “Sure, I would if that would make you feel better.” [Politico8/26/15]

White Nationalist Radio Host James Edwards Says He's Backing Trump Now

SPLC: Edwards Hosts “A Racist, Anti-Semitic Radio Show” That Features “A Wide Roster Of White Supremacists, Anti-Semites And Other Extremists.” The SPLC wrote of James Edwards' radio show:

James Edwards hosts “The Political Cesspool,” a racist, anti-Semitic radio show he founded in 2005 and based just outside Memphis, Tenn. His show has featured a wide roster of white supremacists, anti-Semites and other extremists, such as the longtime Klan leader David Duke and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. Its mission statement says it “stands for the Dispossessed Majority” and is “pro-white.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Edwards Holds Deeply Racist Views. Edwards has claimed, “For blacks in the Americas, slavery is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unfortunately, it's the worst thing that ever happened to white Americans” and “MLK's dream is our nightmare.” Edwards also warns against interracial relationships, claiming, “Interracial sex is white genocide.” [Media Matters8/4/14]

Edwards: Trump Candidacy Shows “People Agree With Us On The Issues ... I'm In With Trump For Right Now.” During his August 22 radio program, Edwards said he's buying into Trump's candidacy. He stated of Trump's campaign and supporters: “Folks, these are our people. I have said for years, fundamentally, people agree with us on the issues that bring this show to life, and we're seeing that now in a very tangible way.” Edwards added that while he doesn't agree with Trump on everything, “I'm in with Trump for right now.” [WLRM, The Political Cesspool8/22/15]

White Nationalist Writer John Derbyshire: “Trump Is Doing The Lord's Work”

Derbyshire Was Fired By National Review For Racist Views. The SPLC summarized Derbyshire's firing from National Review:

The first to go was John Derbyshire, a British-American journalist whose writings on race have ignited fury before. The final straw came in April, when he wrote a piece for Taki's Magazine, a website published by Greek-born journalist and socialite Taki Theodoracopulos, a self-described anti-Semite. In the essay, Derbyshire suggests that white and Asian parents should warn their children that black people pose a threat to their safety.


In an interview with the racist website VDARE.com following his firing, Derbyshire defended his positions, saying that the term “white supremacist” is not a bad term, considering that a society “in which key decisions are made by white Europeans is one of the better arrangements History has come up with.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Derbyshire: “Trump Is Doing The Lord's Work.” Derbyshire explained why he is a Trump supporter on “Radio Derb,” stating:

Meanwhile, however things come out at last, Trump is doing the Lord's work shaking up the GOP side of the 2016 campaign. There were the professional pols in the August 6th debate, reading the focus-group-tested answers from their shirt cuffs; and there was Trump breaking the rules of genteel politics, rattling the GOP teacups and refusing the cucumber sandwiches.

The reason we Trump supporters like the guy so much is precisely that following the rules has gotten us -- us patriotic conservatives -- nowhere. Following the rules got us eight years of George W. Bush, who gave us open borders, missionary wars, and “When somebody hurts, Government has got to move.” Then it got us eight years of Barack Obama, who gave us open borders, amnesty for foreign scofflaws, radical-left Supreme Court justices, and eighteen trillion dollars of debt.

Maybe if we knock over a few teacups and throw the cucumber sandwiches around, we'll get some conservative policies at last. Hey, it's worth a try. [JohnDerbyshire.com, 8/15/15]

Derbyshire: “TRUMP-COULTER 2016!” Derbyshire published a piece on his admiration for Trump and conservative pundit Ann Coulter, concluding: “TRUMP-COULTER 2016! The more I look at that slogan, the more I like it.” [VDARE.com, 7/2/15]

“America's Most Popular Neo-Nazi News Site” Daily Stormer: “Vote For” Trump -- He “Represents Our Interests”

SPLC: Daily Stormer Is A Neo-Nazi Website. The SPLC wrote of the Daily Stormer, which is headed by neo-nazi Andrew Anglin:

The newest up and comer in the heated competition to rule the hate web is The Daily Stormer, named for prominent Nazi Julius Streicher's virulently anti-Semitic weekly newspaper The Stormer (Der Stürmer). With over-the-top headlines like “All Intelligent People in History Disliked Jews” and “Adolf Hitler: The Most Lied About Man of All Time,” the site has quickly built a substantial readership since its founding in July 2013. [Southern Poverty Law Center, 3/10/15]  

Daily Stormer: “Vote For The First Time In Our Lives For The One Man Who Actually Represents Our Interests.” The New Yorker's Osnos wrote of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer:

On June 28th, twelve days after Trump's announcement, the Daily Stormer, America's most popular neo-Nazi news site, endorsed him for President: “Trump is willing to say what most Americans think: it's time to deport these people.” The Daily Stormer urged white men to “vote for the first time in our lives for the one man who actually represents our interests.” [New Yorker8/31/15]

The Daily Stormer website responded to the New Yorker with an anti-Semitic attack on Osnos, writing, “Evan Osnos is a Jew” and “So I say, go ahead, Jews. We already started the fire. And Donald Trump is a big guy for you.” [Daily Stormer, 8/26/15]

Daily Stormer: “Why I Support Donald Trump for President ... The Don Is The Only One Willing To Address” Immigration. Anglin elaborated on the reasoning behind his endorsement of Trump's candidacy, writing that he likes Trump because he is “funny” and, “Beyond this, there are obviously a lot of shared issues” such as immigration:

Primarily, I am supporting Donald Trump because I think it is funny. He is funny and me endorsing him is funny, and it is fun to root for him as the entire establishment comes down on him and yet he just keeps on rocking.

Beyond this, there are obviously a lot of shared issues. Immigration is the biggest issue that the United States is facing, and The Don is the only one willing to address it. Given that he is not a politician, I see no reason why he won't deal with this problem exactly as he says he is going to deal with it if he is elected President. [Daily Stormer, 7/12/15]

White Nationalist Writer Jared Taylor: “Trump May Be The Last Hope” For Whites

SPLC: Taylor Presents “Ideas That Most Would Describe As Crudely White Supremacist.” The SPLC described Taylor's ideology as white nationalist, writing:

In his personal bearing and tone, Jared Taylor projects himself as a courtly presenter of ideas that most would describe as crudely white supremacist -- a kind of modern-day version of the refined but racist colonialist of old. He is the founder of the New Century Foundation and edits its American Renaissance magazine, which, despite its pseudo-academic polish, regularly publishes proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black and anti-Latino racists. Taylor also hosts a conference every other year where racist intellectuals rub shoulders with Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Taylor: Trump's “Support Comes From People Who Are More Like Me Than He Might Like To Admit.” Jared Taylor told the New Yorker:

Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance, a white-nationalist magazine and Web site based in Oakton, Virginia, told me, in regard to Trump, “I'm sure he would repudiate any association with people like me, but his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit.” [New Yorker8/31/15]

Taylor: “Trump May Be The Last Hope For A President Who Would Be Good For White People.” Taylor wrote at American Renaissance:

Donald Trump may be the last hope for a president who would be good for white people.

Donald Trump's new position paper on immigration makes it official: He is easily the best presidential candidate on border security and immigration since Pat Buchanan. And we can be sure he is not a bait-and-switch politician who excites supporters with a few sensible ideas and then betrays them. Mr. Trump has single-handedly made immigration the key issue of this election. His heart is in it when he says we need to build a wall, deport illegals, and have an immigration “pause” until every American who wants a job gets one. [American Renaissance8/20/15]

Taylor: Trump Could Reduce “The Speed With Which Whites Are Reduced To A Minority.” BuzzFeed interviewed Taylor, who expanded on his support for Trump:

In an interview on Wednesday with BuzzFeed News, Taylor further explained that his support for Trump was based on his desire for whites to remain the majority racial group in the United States.

“Why should whites want to be a minority?” he said. “Answer me that question. Why should we want to celebrate diversity when celebrating diversity means celebrating our dwindling numbers and influence? And to the extent that Trump succeeds in putting the brakes on immigration, he will also be succeeding at reducing the speed with which whites are reduced to a minority.”

He added that this was the way “frankly that all whites feel, we just never dare say so.” [BuzzFeed, 8/26/15]

Anti-Immigrant Activist Peter Brimelow Praises Trump's Immigration Plan As “Stunning”

SPLC: Brimelow Is A “Leading Anti-Immigration Activist” With White Nationalist Ideology. SPLC wrote of Brimelow:

Peter Brimelow, a leading anti-immigration activist and author of the bestselling anti-immigrant tome Alien Nation, is the president of the VDARE Foundation, a nonprofit that warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants. He is also the most prominent contributor to the foundation's VDARE.com, an immigrant-bashing hate site that regularly publishes works by white supremacists, anti-Semites, and others on the radical right. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Brimelow: Trump Immigration Plan Is “Stunning” And “Most Explicit Any Presidential Candidate Has Ever Been.” During a podcast interview with Jared Taylor, Brimelow hailed Donald Trump's immigration plan as “stunning”:

TAYLOR: What do you think of his policies?

BRIMELOW: Well, Mr. Taylor, they're stunning. They were stunning. I've been following this subject now since 1992, when I wrote that National Review cover story that evolved into Alien Nation. And this is the most explicit any presidential candidate has ever been. I think Pat, Pat Buchanan was very good, but he never really put this kind of emphasis on it. And the really extraordinary thing is that we thought Trump was just playing this game of, you know, “illegal bad, legal good,” which is a very common way in which Republican politicians get out of it. And there's still a sign that he was doing that until he suddenly comes forward and issues this statement. If you read it carefully, you see, for example, that he's implying that he would go for a moratorium. He would withhold green cards until the employment situation improved. That's a moratorium. He doesn't say so in so many words. [American Renaissance8/24/15

Anti-Semitic Writer Kevin MacDonald: Trump Candidacy A “Most Hopeful Sign”

SPLC: “Kevin MacDonald Is The Neo-Nazi Movement's Favorite Academic.” The SPLC wrote of MacDonald:

Kevin MacDonald is the neo-Nazi movement's favorite academic. A [now-retired] psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, MacDonald, who also is a board member of the white supremacist Charles Martel Society, published a trilogy that supposedly “proves” that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies. MacDonald also argues that anti-Semitism, far from being an irrational hatred for Jews, is a logical reaction to Jewish success in societies controlled by other ethnic or racial groups. After the publication of a 2007 Intelligence Report exposé detailing MacDonald's anti-Semitism, his teaching duties were reduced and many of his colleagues publicly condemned his racist research. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

MacDonald: “Trump Is Saying What White Americans Have Been Actually Thinking For A Very Long Time.” In a post headlined, “Donald Trump's breakthrough statement on immigration,” MacDonald wrote that on immigration, “Trump is saying what White Americans have been actually thinking for a very long time.” He added the “Trump candidacy is the most hopeful sign that the present oligarchy could be circumvented at the presidential level.” He concluded: “Trump/Sessions for president/vice-president in 2016!” [Occidental Observer8/17/15]

White Nationalist Writer Richard Spencer: Trump Is “Refreshing”

SPLC: Richard B. Spencer “Is One Of The Country's Most Successful Young White Nationalist Leaders.” From SPLC:

As head of the National Policy Institute (NPI), Richard Spencer is one of the country's most successful young white nationalist leaders -- a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old, a kind pf professional racist in khakis. Spencer advocates for an Aryan homeland for the supposedly dispossessed white race and calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture. But even some of the Europeans he lionizes have rejected him; in October 2014, his attempt to hold an NPI conference in Budapest, Hungary, resulted in his arrest and expulsion. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 8/26/15]

Spencer: Trump Is “Refreshing.” The New Yorker reported of Spencer, editor and founder of RADIX Journal:

Richard Spencer is a self-described “identitarian” who lives in Whitefish, Montana, and promotes “white racial consciousness.” At thirty-six, Spencer is trim and preppy, with degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago. He is the president and director of the National Policy Institute, a think tank, co-founded by William Regnery, a member of the conservative publishing family, that is “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world.” The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Spencer “a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old.” Spencer told me that he had expected the Presidential campaign to be an “amusing freak show,” but that Trump was “refreshing.” He went on, “Trump, on a gut level, kind of senses that this is about demographics, ultimately. We're moving into a new America.” He said, “I don't think Trump is a white nationalist,” but he did believe that Trump reflected “an unconscious vision that white people have--that their grandchildren might be a hated minority in their own country. I think that scares us. They probably aren't able to articulate it. I think it's there. I think that, to a great degree, explains the Trump phenomenon. I think he is the one person who can tap into it.” [New Yorker8/31/15]

Spencer: Trump's Passion “Inspired” Him. BuzzFeed reported on a recent podcast by Spencer, in which he credited Trump for having “inspired people like me”:                   

On his podcast, Richard B. Spencer, the president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, said while what Trump is saying isn't that different from other Republicans, Trump's passion “inspired” him.

“Trump says things, says these in a way -- mundane things -- with such gusto, with such visceral energy and toughness, that's why he's gotten under the skin of his critics and that's why he's kind of inspired people like me is because he gives us the impression that he gets it maybe on a visceral level and maybe not on an intellectual or policy level,” Spencer said. [BuzzFeed, 8/26/15]