Watch President Trump’s Nonsensical Response To ABC Muir’s Voter Fraud Fact Check

President Trump: “I Always Talk About The Reporters That Grovel When They Write Something That You Want To Hear But Not Necessarily Millions Of People Want To Hear”

From the January 25 edition of ABC's ABC World News Tonight with David Muir:

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DAVID MUIR (HOST): When you say in your opinion, millions of illegal votes, that is something that is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy, a fair and free election.

TRUMP: Sure, sure, sure.

MUIR: You say you're going to launch an investigation into this.

TRUMP: Sure, done.

MUIR: What you have presented so far has been debunked. It's been called false.

TRUMP: No it hasn't, take a look at the Pew reports.

MUIR: I called the author of the Pew report last night, and he told me that they found no evidence of voter fraud.

TRUMP: Really? Then why did he write the report?

MUIR: He said no evidence of voter fraud.

TRUMP: Excuse me, then why did he write the report? According to Pew report -- He is groveling again. You know, I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they write something that you want to hear but not necessarily millions of people want to hear, or have to hear.

MUIR: So, you've launched an investigation?

TRUMP: We're going to launch an investigation to find out. And then the next time -- and I will say this, of those votes cast, none of them come to me, none of them come to me. They would all be for the other side. None of them come to me. But when you look at the people that are registered, dead, illegal, and two states, in some cases, maybe three states. We have a lot to look into.


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