Watch A Native American Reporter Explain Why Trump's Mocking Use Of “Pocahontas” Is “Extremely Offensive”

Nicole Robertson: “I Found The Word 'Pocahontas' To Be Extremely Offensive”

From the May 26 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live:

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NICOLE ROBERTSON: As a writer, as a first nation Native-American indigenous person living what we call on Turtle Island, which is Canada and USA, the United States, I found the word “Pocahontas” to be extremely offensive. When you look at historically where we're at in this country, we have come a long way as Native-American people. And to me, you look at the number of women that have been victimized through either missing and murdered indigenous women that's happening continent wide, human trafficking. And so, to use the word “Pocahontas” it just brings to mind derogatory comments that are not in this day and age a word that's just not usable. It's not good. And for someone that's going to be maybe the next American president, you know, he needs to definitely look at building relationships on a nation to nation basis with all Native-American leadership in this country.


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