Watch MTV News' Ana Marie Cox’s Emotional Reaction To Latest Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

From the October 12 edition of MSNBC's The Last Word:

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LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Everyone should be reading this New York Times piece tonight or tomorrow. But I want to read one passage of it, because it takes you into the life of someone who has this kind of thing happen to them. This is Rachel Crooks, and it's her boyfriend at the time who's describing what he came home to that night. He said, “I asked 'how was your day,' Mr. Hackenberg recalled. She paused for a second and then started hysterically crying. After Ms. Crooks described her experience with Mr. Trump, she and Mr. Hackenberg discussed what to do. I think that what was more upsetting than him kissing her was that she felt she couldn't do anything to him because of his position,” he said. “She was 22. She was a secretary. It was her first job out of college. I remember her saying, 'I can't do anything to this guy because he's Donald Trump.'” And Ana Marie, that is one of those looks inside one of these horrible stories. 

ANA MARIE COX: I mean, I don't know where to begin. You brought me back, quite honestly. I mean, I, I have to say, I'm very concerned for a lot of women out there, because I was brought back by that statement to something that happened to me when I was a young woman. I would be so shocked if the other two women that you're speaking to haven't had something similar happen to them. Something like that happened to me when I was young and I couldn't do anything about it. That is what happens to women. That is why this is so preposterous, that if Donald Trump wants to go to war on this, this is such a different animal than what happened with Bill Clinton. For one thing, as we are saying, Bill Clinton is not running for office. For the other thing, Donald Trump is a predator. He is a predator who thinks that his so-called celebrity can allow him to do anything. There are women that want to show that's not possible. There are women that want to say, no it doesn't allow you to do anything, and I'm going to show you by voting against you.


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