Watch MSNBC's Chuck Todd Explain To A Trump Adviser That Online Snap Polls Are Not Real

Todd: “Those Are Fan Polls, Man. Those Are What Computer Programmers Can Mess This. Those Aren't Real”

From the September 29 edition of MSNBC's MTP Daily

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): Why do you think multiple polls, scientific polls have said Hillary Clinton won that debate by a 2-1 margin? It's not even been close. 

JASON MILLER: Well  I have to set you straight on that one. The polls that happened that night, the night of the debate, the snap polls, the ones that happen online, those all showed Mr. Trump winning in a huge way. 

TODD:  What scientific poll had Donald Trump winning?  Give me one scientific poll. Those are fan polls, man. Those are what computer programmers can mess with. Those aren't real.  

MILLER: Those are immidiate reactions Those are a snapshot of what people are thinking who are actually watching the debate. Now the NBC Survey Monkey poll, to go after that one because I figured you'll go to that one next --

TODD: That's methodologically sound, but go ahead

MILLER:  Both Monday and Tuesday, so Tuesday is influenced by all the debate coverage the next day which, of course, the media is going to try to hype up Hillary Clinton to make it seem like she won. Not the case at all. People who were watching thought Mr. Trump won that debate. 


TODD: Jason, you've been doing this a while. You know those are bogus. You know these are bogus. There is nothing -- they're beyond non-scientific. In fact, you have evidence, there is some evidence that there are computer programs that help refresh. All you have to do is like empty your history and you get to vote again. They're not real Jason. 


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