Watch MSNBC's Chris Matthews Slam Trump For His Muslim Ban That Will Give “Exceptions” To His “Very Rich” Muslim Friends

Trump: “I Have A Lot Of Friends That Are Muslim ... They're Very Rich ... They'll Come In”

From the March 30 edition of MSNBC's Donald Trump Town Hall:

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CHRIS MATTHEWS (MODERATOR): Does banning their entry into the even country temporarily encourage them to be on our side against the terrorists or encourage them to be on the other side?

DONALD TRUMP: I think banning until figuring out what's going on is an important thing. I take a lot of heat for it. A lot of people like me for it to be honest with you. But Chris, there's something going on.

MATTHEWS: But there's 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and they're all getting a message from Donald Trump who's leading the fight for the Republican nomination for president saying, stay out of my country. How does that encourage them to fight ISIS? How does that encourage them to fight the bad guys?

TRUMP: Let me explain. They have a problem, too. They have a big problem.

MATTHEWS: Well if we say go away.

TRUMP: I have been called by more Muslims saying what you are doing is a great thing, not a bad thing.

MATTHEWS: Are any Muslims telling you that?

TRUMP: The two people in San Bernardino -- I have, actually, believe it or not, I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me. In most cases, they're very rich Muslim.

MATTHEWS: But do they get into the country?

TRUMP: Oh, they'll come in.

MATTHEWS: How do you let them in?

TRUMP: They'll come in. And you'll have exceptions.


MATTHEWS: You're saying ban them from entering the country. They get the message. Everyone in the world. 1.6 -- in Indonesia, Pakistan, in Albania -- anywhere there's Muslims, you know, they know you don't want them. So they get the message. They're little more ill disposed to fight ISIS, a little bit more after that once they say the Americans don't even like us, don't you think?


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