Watch Donald Trump Praise Fox News' Laudatory Coverage Of His Incendiary Immigration Remarks

Trump: “On Fox They Say That I Did A Great Service”

From the July 8 edition of All In with Chris Hayes:

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KATY TUR: Republicans say that you're hurting the party. Do you think you're hurting the party? If you divide them so severely will you be able to get the nomination and then become president?

TRUMP: Well on Fox they say that I did a great service because I'm the one that brought up the whole discussion on immigration. And I think I'm helping the party greatly.


TUR: Illegal immigrants commit less crime other than coming through illegally. 

TRUMP: I'm talking about illegal immigrants, are causing tremendous crime, tremendous crime, and nobody wants to talk about it, and that's why Fox, at least Fox, and you won't leave this perhaps, at least Fox is being honest because they're now talking about it bigly. And if I didn't bring up this subject a number of weeks ago, we wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration right now. 


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