Watch CNN's Corey Lewandowski Get Shut Down As He Tries To Blame Lester Holt For Trump's Terrible Debate

From the September 26 edition of CNN's post-debate coverage: 

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI: What this debate was not about was an FBI investigation. Not once was the word  “Clinton Foundation”  mentioned in the 90 minute debate. Not once was the moderator bringing up the issue of emails. Donald Trump brought up those issues. Donald Trump brought up the issue of TPP, Benghazi, FBI investigation. Where is the issue of the Wall Street transcripts? Never discussed. Where's the issue of Hillary Clinton talking about the  “deplorables”  and what that means for all of the 14 million people who supported Donald Trump in the primary and those tens of millions of people that are supporting him today. None of the issues were discussed. 

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Is that Lester Holt's failure in your opinion, or Donald Trump's for not bringing them up? Because Hillary Clinton seemed to be able to, whether she was asked about something, bring up an issue that was in her favor. It didn't seem -- which is clearly a matter of preparation, no?

LEWANDOWSKI: Well look, I think Lester Holt brought up the issue of the tax returns. Right? That was a statement, that was a question directed directly by the moderator to Donald Trump regarding his taxes. There was no question from the moderator regarding the Clinton Foundation or an FBI investigation. Not even a mention that a sit-down conversation took place with the FBI. I think that is a due diligence of the moderator to raise the two largest issues in this discussion, this debate, in this presidential cycle, which is Donald Trump's taxes and Hillary Clinton lying to the FBI. The moderator should have had the opportunity to raise at least both of those issues. 

GLORIA BORGER: But, if your candidate was well prepped, if Donald Trump had been well prepped, why wouldn't he -- in response to the question of taxes -- say, “if you want to talk about transparency, what about the Clinton Foundation?” There's an obvious -- that's an obvious thing, and Donald Trump could have raised it himself. Lester Holt was sitting back, and she seemed to take every opportunity to jab at him, but it seems to me that he didn't take every opportunity he could have to jab at her.

LEWANDOWSKI: To be fair, to be fair, Lester Holt raised the issue of a court case 40 years ago, against Donald Trump's father. Hillary Clinton didn't raise that.

DAVID AXELROD: No, she raised it.

OTHERS: She raised it.


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