Watch CNN Trump Surrogate Confuse Molotov Cocktails With “Mazel Tov Cocktails”

Scottie Nell Hughes: “One Of [Jay-Z’s] Main Videos Starts Off With A Crowd Throwing Mazel Tov Cocktails”

From the November 6 edition of CNN’s CNN Tonight:

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ANGELA RYE: He's off prompter and you see what happens when he's off prompter and this is the most amazing thing here is, he’s not really bothered that Hillary Clinton says he uses lewd language. He's not really bothered about Jay-Z's lyrics. What he's really bothered about, is Jay-Z coming out on to that stage, Beyoncé coming out on to that stage and saying that they're with her because they can’t be with him. They cannot support a Donald Trump presidency and that damaged his very, very fragile ego in all kinds of ways. It is shattered, in front of his little plane right there.

DON LEMON (HOST): Go ahead, Scottie.  

SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: As an Evangelical Christian, I can actually say I think he was more bothered by the multiple uses of the M-F-word that night and the N-word that was used, within the lyrics in the songs. And I think also when you look at Jay-Z, and we talked about this that night. That, it might be working but one of his main videos starts off with a crowd throwing Mazel Tov cocktails at the police and this very much anti-police message that Beyoncé has had this year 

LEMON: Molotov cocktails. 

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