Watch CNN Fact-Check Trump’s Most Recent Stream Of Lies

From the June 2 edition of CNN's The Situation Room:

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JIM ACOSTA: Campaigning in California, Trump accused Clinton of lying about some of his foreign policy proposals. 


But hold on, Trump did float that idea to Anderson Cooper earlier this year. 


Trump also made note of this Clinton ad used against then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008. 


And alleged she was sleeping during the deadly attack in Libya, on the US compound at Benghazi, even though in her testimony before Congress last year, she said she “did not sleep all night.” 


Trump is also teeing off on the decision by pro golf officials to move a major tournament from his club in Florida to Mexico. That won't happen again, Trump claimed, if he wins the White House. 


Former Secretary of State James Baker, who recently met with Trump, told the Financial Times, “isolationism and protectionism won't work. Don't talk no trade deals; make a better deal. Don't talk about making Japan and South Korea nuclear powers.”


But the New York businessman has other plans if he becomes president, like reopening his defunct real estate school, Trump University, despite two pending federal class-action suits brought by former students, and a suit filed by New York state Attorney General, Trump now says, “after the litigation is disposed of and the case won,” Trump tweeted, “I have instructed my execs to open up Trump U. So much interest in it. I will be pres.”


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