Watch Chris Matthews Grill Rudy Giuliani: “Are You Proud Of The Way You've Been So Loyal To Trump?”

Matthews: “I Think You’ve Gone Over The Top”

From the November 8 edition of MSNBC's Election Night 2016:

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CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): You have a candidate who said that the first black president was an illegal immigrant, that he has snuck in here from Kenya.


MATTHEWS: Then you had a guy who called all Mexican rivals here -- all people in the country, however they came in, as rapists and murderers. That were the -- that was the starting conversation in this campaign.

RUDY GIULIANI: Okay, but then all throughout the campaign for the last four or five months, I think in every speech, at least that I heard him give, or every one that I've worked on with him, he talked about the African-American community, the Hispanic community, they're being left behind, and wanting to use -- I called him, he didn't call them that, Republican solutions to their problems, which is, safety, a good job, and a good education, as opposed to rotting schools, tremendous crime, like, a person shot every two hours in Chicago.


MATTHEWS: I want to ask you, bottom line -- I'm out of time, but I've got to ask you. Are you proud? You're a smart guy. You're a smart politician. I've known you forever, I don't think there's anything wrong with you until this campaign.

Are you proud of the way you've been so loyal to Trump, that I think you've gone over the top?

GIULIANI: I am proud of the way I conducted myself. I think every issue I raised is a legitimate issue.


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