Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: Trump Ally Alex Jones’ Website Is “One Of The Darkest Corners Of Media Online”  

From the October 17 edition of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect: 

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JOHN HEILEMANN (CO-HOST): Phil, I just want to ask you about InfoWars. Just for the benefit of anybody who is not familiar with Alex Jones and InfoWars. We've seen Trump both retweeting things from editors at InfoWars. We saw him talking about the theory that Hillary Clinton was on drugs the last debate, which is straight out of the InfoWars world and Alex Jones. Just tell people what is InfoWars and Alex Jones  and why is Donald Trump taking pages out of their playbook.

PHILIP RUCKER: Well, It's a website. It's really one of the darkest corners of the media online, if you want to call it that. They don't do traditional journalism, but they spread a lot of theories, and including 9/11 truther theories. This is a website that was home to a lot of ideas after 9/11 that it was somehow a tyrannical sort of government plot, the terrorist attacks of 20 -- 2001 rather. Alex Jones is somebody Trump has done interviews with. He  certainly listens to what he has to say. And it's also a place where Roger Stone, a long time Trump adviser, frequently appears, and pedals ideas. And a lot of the conspiracies that you hear Trump bringing up on the campaign trail like Hillary Clinton's drug use -- which, by the way, there is no evidence of -- originated with InfoWars, the site. So it's like Breitbart, probably lesser known to the mainstream public, but one of the sites online.


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