Washington Post Reporter: Paul Ryan's Office Lied To Cover Up A Secret GOP Recording

Adam Entous: Paul Ryan And Kevin McCarthy “Changed Their Story” To Claim Rep. McCarthy Was “Joking” About Putin Paying Trump During The Campaign

From the May 18 edition of CNN Newsroom:

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JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): Kevin McCarthy is a man known to make light of situations. On the other hand, he makes light of situations that he thinks are serious, too. So you just can’t tell in some cases, that's why you printed the transcript. And the facts are the facts here. And when you went to the various congressional offices at play here to confront them with this, you got an interesting response. Explain.

ADAM ENTOUS: Yeah. Keep in mind, after McCarthy makes his statement, Ryan admonishes everybody in the room to be quiet. We went to Ryan’s office and McCarthy’s office. We told them that we were going to report these comments. And they told us that the conversation never happened, 100 percent. They called it fiction. We then told them that we actually were basing our remarks on a transcript, to which they said that the transcript was made up. They had been in the room, they said, and it never happened. Then we told them that we actually listened to a recording and that's when they changed their story and said that McCarthy was joking.


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