VP Pence Says Trump “Appreciates And Respects And Admires” Bigoted Conspiracy Theorist Michael Savage 

Trump Partied With Savage -- Who's Called For Killing 100 Million Muslims -- Over President's Day Weekend

From the March 1 edition of Cumulus Media Networks' The Savage Nation

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): I had the great honor of being at Mar-a-Lago ten days ago on a Saturday night when the president appeared. I was hoping he'd be there. I didn't think I'd get so much as a handshake or hello. But I was lucky enough to be invited to have dessert with the President Trump and he sat with me for over sixty minutes. I thought it was a few minutes. My wife said, “you know you were there over sixty minutes with Donald eating dessert,” and I said, “I know I don't eat dessert but I did for him because I couldn't say no to vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup even though I haven't had it since I'm a child.” He is exactly what he sounds like. He doesn't change privately or publicly as you said. He's a very honest man. He is what he looks like and he believes every word he says. 

MIKE PENCE: That's such a great comment. And I know how much he appreciates and respects, and admires you and your voice in the national debate. But I love you reflecting of that. I got asked on a couple of TV shows this morning about a difference and the different in tone of the speech and I told people that the president who spoke at the podium last night is the president that I serve with every day. 


Trump Parties Over Presidents’ Day Weekend With Bigoted Conspiracy Theorist Who Called For Killing 100 Million Muslims

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