The View panel skewers Donald Trump's tweet attacking Stormy Daniels as “horseface”

From the October 16 edition of ABC's The View:

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WHOOPI GOLDBERG (CO-HOST): What this says about him just having -- it's like them saying, well, it's just guy talk when he says, “I can grab women by the genitalia.” That's what, kind of, this says. And so either everybody has freedom of speech, or nobody has it. Everybody gets to say what they want to say, and you can come after me, and I can come after you, because that's what the Constitution gives us. I only left Thursday, so if something changed, let me know. 

SUNNY HOSTIN (CO-HOST): He didn't think she was a “horseface” when he was having an affair with her. He must've thought she looked pretty good. 

MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): Can I say something about her too? As you all know, when she first came on the show, I was very skeptical of her story and I was totally won over by the arguments she was making about why she didn't want to tell people she originally had an affair -- or just slept with him, excuse me. Originally, she didn't want to tell her husband, and I thought she was very eloquent and stated her perspective very clearly. She was like, I have sex for money, but I'm not a liar, and I think that's still 100 percent fair. 

I think that our -- whatever you want to say, because I had a lot of things to say about Michael Avenatti, and I, by the way, believe that he should pay her legal fees, I don't think she should have to pay it. But I will say, it doesn't matter anymore, because, when you're calling a woman “horseface,” all arguments we have are now negated because you're going to focus on --


ABBY HUNTSMAN (CO-HOST): He should not be tweeting about women like this right now. I mean, you forget, women go out to vote, and I do think that this has an impact on things. I had a lot of things to say about Michael Avenatti too, because I think she has every right to tell her story, and as she has on the show, but when you pick Avenatti as your lawyer, even the judges come out -- two of them now, and made statements about Avenatti making it more about him and being ubiquitous and all these things. 


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