The View Hosts Fact-Check Trump: “No Matter What The Donald Says, It Has To Be Corrected Right Immediately”

From the May 5 edition of ABC's The View:

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RAVEN-SYMONE (CO-HOST): Even though [Trump] says some really, really horrific things, and people are not taking him seriously, it's time that we start putting him a category to where we have to be like, OK, let's check the facts, Donald. Let's see if you really can run the [inaudible]. We've been saying that forever, but -- 

JOY BEHAR (CO-HOST): Well tell them what we've been talking about with the -- we've been talking about facts.

SYMONE: So one thing that I found interesting is that a lot of the things that he has said, he's actually lied about, including his stance on abortion. He said he was strongly pro-choice but that he hates the concept of abortion. But in Iraq in 2002 with Howard Stern, which is what you brought up and I read too, is that he said that he was in favor of the military, but now that he's speaking about it, he says that he's not in favor of it. And he keeps contradicting --

SUNNY HOSTIN (CO-HOST): Of the invasion.

SYMONE: Invasion, thank you. And then the birther movement as well.

BEHAR: Before the war, which was 2002, Stern said to him, “Are you for invading Iraq?” And he said, “Yeah, I guess so.” OK?

HOSTIN: Six months beforehand. That's six months beforehand.

BEHAR: So he's putting out the lie that he was against it. But going against Hillary. Also, on the other hand, the other thing that he's doing is he said to Wolf Blitzer -- I couldn't believe it -- he says, well you know Hillary was one of the first birthers. And Wolf, as soon as the interview was over, Wolf Blitzer said that is not true. So no matter what the Donald says, it has to be corrected right immediately. 

WHOOPI GOLDBERG (CO-HOST): Listen, I don't know why anybody is surprised. He has been doing this the entire time. He throws stuff out, he accused Ted Cruz's father of being in on the assassination of JFK. Nobody said, well what the hell, man? 

PAULA FARIS (CO-HOST): He did come out and say he didn't believe that.

GOLDBERG: The truth will come out. There's a lot of reasons that this is happening. 

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