UVA’s Larry Sabato On Trump Firing Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski: “Another Disaster For The Trump Campaign”

Sabato: The Trump Campaign “Is Deeply Troubled. … This Is A Campaign That Is Under-Funded, That Isn’t Properly Organized”

From the June 20 edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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LARRY SABATO: This is another disaster for the Trump campaign. That campaign is deeply troubled. It goes well beyond Corey Lewandowski and whether he is campaign manager. Campaigns simply don't work well with a two-headed or three-headed hydra. He was kind of co-campaign manager with Paul Manafort, but, Carol, it's so much more than that. This is a campaign that is under-funded, that isn't properly organized. The convention itself is questionable in terms of what it's going to produce and how it's going to produce it, and the Clinton campaign is simply light years ahead of the Trump campaign. Clinton is on air right now with a 20-plus million dollar advertising campaign in virtually every swing state, and Trump, exactly zero is being spent on television, which is the easy part and the right thing to do right now.


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