Trump's White Nationalist Backers Attack Merrick Garland For Being Jewish

David Duke: Nomination “Basically Gives Jews Total Veto Over The Supreme Court”

White nationalist media figures are launching anti-Semitic attacks against Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, calling him “a Jewish supremacist” and lamenting that the country can't survive a “Minority-Dominated Supreme Court” that “basically gives Jews total veto.”

As Media Matters and other outlets have noted, Trump's presidential campaign has received support from numerous white nationalist groups and leaders who have used his campaign to recruit followers, fundraise, and spread their message. Trump has retweeted white nationalistsrepeatedly declined to denounce former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke in an interview, and gave press credentials to a white nationalist figure who also interviewed Donald Trump Jr.

Duke is one of the country's most infamous anti-Semites and white nationalists. He's urged his followers to vote for Trump and volunteer for his campaign, saying Trump is “right” on “the crucial issues facing the United States and the world.”

During his March 17 radio program, Duke said Garland's nomination demonstrates “the Jewish control of this country,” warning “you can count on” the current Jewish justices “to do whatever the Jewish agenda is, whatever the Jewish establishment wants.” Duke added that Obama, who is purportedly under “Jewish control,” “appointed a Jewish supremacist to be the guy on the Supreme Court, which basically gives Jews total veto over the Supreme Court.” 

DAVID DUKE: Look at the Jewish control of this country. You already have three open Jewish members of the Supreme Court. Thirty-three percent. They're only two percent of the population. You can count on those Jews to do whatever the Jewish agenda is, whatever the Jewish establishment wants. In fact, they probably already have at least three-and-a-half members because Sotomayor apparently, according to a lot of sources, has a lot of what they call Sephardic Jewish ancestry, Spanish Jewish ancestry. That's a big problem among some Latino groups. And so that's maybe three-and-a-half Jews.

And now Obama, who is totally under the power of the Jewish control, he's been, in fact there's a reason why the Chicago Tribune calls him the first Jewish president. And why the New Yorker magazine had him as the first Jewish president, alright? He's appointed a Jewish supremacist to be the guy on the Supreme Court, which basically gives Jews total veto over the Supreme Court. As I've said before, there was no more powerful part of the federal government in this country than the Supreme Court.


So the Supreme Court, which is unelected, which is basically elected by political cronies, which is a Jewish-controlled establishment today, and money, and media, whoever gets the praise of the media, whoever gets the money, the media, is basically something that's really in the power -- and you don't have to have an absolute majority as we can see in elections. You can have a plurality. They've got a plurality in the United States Supreme Court.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is “a crudely white supremacist group,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The group regularly posts pieces championing Trump. The group complained on its website about the numbers of Jewish justices, writing:  

Bill Clinton picked two Supreme Court Justices. Both Jewish. Obama picked two so far, and one is Jewish.

In a bizarre move, Obama has picked another Jewish nominee. If Merrick Garland is confirmed, than the US Supreme Court would be 44.4% Jewish.

Jews make up less than 3% of the US population. The American left is constantly claiming they want institutions to reflect the diversity of the US population. They never practice what they preach.

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi website that endorsed Trump. The site contains a section titled, “Jewish Problem.” It reacted to Garland's nomination with the headline, “Wow, Just Wow: Obama Nominates Jew for SCOTUS -- Would Make Court 45% Jew” and concluded, “The nerve of such a move is incredible.”

The anti-immigrant website “regularly publishes works by white supremacists, anti-Semites, and others on the radical right,” according to SPLC. The site has repeatedly praised Trump's immigration positions. Site writer “Patrick Cleburne” reacted to the nomination by claiming it shows “No White Protestant Need Apply” and said America could not survive a “Minority-Dominated Supreme Court.”