Trump’s new pick to lead ICE, Mark Morgan, is a regular on Fox News

President Donald Trump recently announced Mark Morgan as his new pick for ICE director. Media coverage of Morgan has often focused on his role as head of Border Patrol under former President Barack Obama, but he has recently become a fixture in right-wing media, particularly on Fox News.

Morgan appeared at least 49 times on Fox News in 2019 prior to Trump’s announcement. Fourteen of those appearances were on Tucker Carlson’s show, where Morgan, for instance, defended migrant children being kept in cages.

Morgan has also frequently appeared on Fox Business, including on Trump adviser Lou Dobbs' show. Dobbs and Morgan recently called for loosening the rules of engagement along the Mexican border to allow the use of more deadly force. In an interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Morgan downplayed the severity of a situation in which vigilantes along the Mexican border detained migrants at gunpoint; subsequently, one of the vigilantes was reported to have said, “We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber.”

And Morgan hasn’t just given commentary on border issues -- he’s also weighed in on things like the staged Jussie Smollett attack and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.


Trump has hired a number of former Fox pundits into his administration.