“Trump's Campaign Has Now Entered The Hospice Phase": Charlie Sykes On Trump Hiring Breitbart Chief As Campaign CEO

Sykes: “For Anyone Who Was Waiting For The More Responsible Party Unity Donald Trump ... He Just Blew That Up”

From the August 17 edition of 620 WTMJ's The Charlie Sykes Show:

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CHARLES SYKES: Stephen Bannon who runs Breitbart News -- he is the CEO of Breitbart, which is the alt-right, alternative reality, Paul Ryan-bashing website -- has been named the chairman of [Donald Trump's]campaign. When I talk about the alternative reality and the fever swamps of the right, we are generally talking about Breitbart. Breitbart ran stories every single day for the last month about how Paul Ryan was going down, Paul Ryan was this, he was a globalist, Paul Ryan's kids go to a Catholic school, lets make fun of Paul Ryan's family, let's go after Paul Ryan's house and the fact that he has a wall around it. This is the guy that Donald Trump has named to be the chairman of his campaign. And he has demoted Paul Manafort.


For anyone who was waiting for the more responsible party unity Donald Trump, no. He just blew that up. Paul Manafort, who I think was increasingly this rather sleezy lobbyist with all the Ukrainian ties, but I think he was the guy who was telling Donald Trump “you've got to tone it down, you've got to tone it down a little bit. You have to convince people that you have the temperment and the fitness to be president of the United States.”


I tweeted out a little while ago, I'm active on Twitter, I said “Trump's campaign has now entered the hospice phase. He knows it's dying and he wants to surround himself with his loved ones.”


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