Trump Uses Fox's Greta Van Susteren To Justify Not Releasing Tax Returns

Trump: Susteren Has Said "'Well No Lawyer Would Let Somebody Release A Tax Return When They're Under Audit'

From the July 27 edition of Fox New's America's Newsroom

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REPORTER: Mr. Trump, will these tax returns be released before the election?

DONALD TRUMP: I don't know. Depends on the audit. Depends on the audit. Not a big deal. By the way, just so you understand, I've released my papers,104 pages of documents. I built an unbelievable company, tremendous cash, tremendous company with some of the great assets of the world. You've seen it, you were all very disappointed when you saw it actually, but that's OK. Far, far greater than anybody ever thought, I have a great company, I built an unbelievable company. But if you look there, you'll see there's nothing in Russia. And as far as the tax returns, as soon as the audit is complete, like any lawyer would tell you -- Greta Van Susteren, she was going over it awhile ago, she's a lawyer, she said, “Well no lawyer would let somebody release a tax return when they're under audit.”  It's a routine audit. I've gone through audits, which I think is very unfair, for 15 years. I have friends that are very rich, they never get audited. I'm audited every year. 


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