Trump Supporter On Fox Defends Trump's Treatment Of Alicia Machado As “A Luxury Exercise Program”

From the Septemeber 29 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File

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KRYSTAL BALL:  Well and here's the big problem for him, Megyn. I mean do you think anyone out there read that story and was shocked and said “Oh no, Mr. Trump would never treat women that way.” Of course not. Because his comments over the years, and continuing into this presidential election campaign, have reflected a man who puts a lot of priority, perhaps first priority on a way that a woman looks. Grading them on a one to ten scale. He told a female reporter in this campaign that she had a job because she was beautiful. So this comes as a shock to absolutely no one that Donald Trump is a sexist pig. Why are we talking about it? A, because he keeps talking about it and keeps insisting that Ms. Machado gained a massive amount of weight. 

CARL HIGBE: I mean he put her on an exercise program -- a luxury exercise program. 

BALL: It's kind of relevant to people whether their future president happens to also be a sexist pig. I think that's kind of an important piece of information that actually a lot of voters might care about. 


HIGBIE: Well Trump did say he could shed a few pounds. But the fact is who cares? We're talking about a little bit of weight and this is a woman -- also this Machado woman, he gave her a luxury exercise program, and they posed for all these pictures, and she was so happy to accept that that he was willing to let her keep her title --

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): She only posted the pictures because he ambushed her at the exercise facility with eighty reporters who took pictures of her while Donald Trump looked at her from the sidelines. I mean that is what happened there. 

HIGBIE: He didn't ambush her. She was on his paid you know luxury fitness program. 

KELLY: She says he did.

HIGBIE: She also says a lot of other things. She was on his luxury exercise program and he allowed her to keep her title and he worked with her and he wanted -- he defended her job because she was overweight and helps her get back down to weight. 


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