Trump State Vice Chairman And Radio Host Calls Trump's Sexual Assault Comments “Inexcusable” But “Guys Say Gross Things”

John Fredericks: Outrage Over Trump's Comments Embody “The Wussification Of The American Male”

From the October 10 edition of WHTK's The John Fredericks Show:

LIZ PEEK: I think there’s always going to be this undercurrent of guys being guys. And to tell you the truth, I’m worried -- I know this is the minority view -- but I’m worried that we are so beating up on men all the time in our culture that they’re beginning to feel like nothing they do is right. They don’t know what path they’re supposed to take. Now men are hesitant before opening a door for women because, gosh, is that condescending or something? I think this whole thing has gotten out of hand. By the way, I’m not trying to excuse Donald Trump. I thought it was an awful video and shame on him. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s that shocking.

JOHN FREDERICKS (HOST): Well, I think you’re right and it’s the exact same thing.


What you just said is spot on, and it's what I call “the wussification of the American male,” and I think that has been a big reason why working class males are voting for Trump in our country with this. 


Like you said, it’s inexcusable. He shouldn’t have said it. It’s gross. I mean, you know.  But you know guys -- and I said this earlier on the show today because this all happened when I was off the air on Friday -- but guys say gross things. I mean, you hear it on Wall Street. It’s true. I mean, we say gross things that we would never want publicized or somebody to tape. We just, we say gross stuff. We’re gross. I mean, it happens. It’s hard to explain. Again, I’m not excusing it, but if you were to tape -- I’m 58, Liz -- if you were to tape from 18 to 58 everything I’ve ever said in any private setting in any locker room -- and I played basketball and I played baseball in college -- I mean, God knows what we said on the team bus. I mean, God knows what we said.


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